The first space nation to establish the so-called launch of the first satellite next year – Sohu Mil-magicq

The first space nation to establish the so-called launch of the first satellite next year – Sohu military channel if it is you, you will choose to become a space resident? Paris local time on October 11th, composed of scientists and legal experts team announced that they would build "a new national space, further development of private enterprises, innovation space and space technology will support the existing state of human get rid of restrictions." The country’s name is "Asgardia", meaning "Norway mythology Odin who rule the sky". According to the team, the new country will eventually become a member of the United Nations, has its own national flag and national anthem, but also by the public through a series of competition to organize activities. The project will create a new framework for the ownership of space and space as an independent state. According to the original plan, the first step was to launch a man-made satellite in 2017. The person in charge of this project in Igor Ashurbeyli told the British "Guardian" through the translation of the interview said, "in physics, the citizens of this country will live on the earth, they will live in different countries on earth, so they will be their own citizens, and they will also be Asgardia citizens." At present, the project has been open to the public, Ashurbeyli said that when the number of these applications more than 100000 people, they will formally apply for the status of the United nations. "Asgardia" says that the purpose of doing so is to protect the earth from space debris, asteroids and solar storms. This piece of work will be to create a barrier to protect human beings using the most advanced science and technology, barrier from space to natural or anthropogenic threats, including space junk, solar flares, planetary impact. They believe that the existence of space in the orbit of space junk up to 20000, while the existence of the material itself in space will also pose a threat to life on earth. To protect the earth, why do we need to build a new country? Prior to this, Science magazine had speculated that the project seems to be to avoid the joint foreign space treaty, the supervision. Because according to this treaty, countries have the duty to supervise any space activities launched on its territory, responsible for any damage caused to any local transmitter and satellites may be in space and on the earth. At present, Asgardia has not yet been recognized by the United Nations or any country. According to project spokesman Wild said that they launched a satellite within 18 months of the program holds absolute confidence, however, the current funding has not yet been completed, as to how to raise funds, there is no relevant information.相关的主题文章: