The Double Ninth Festival for the elderly 90 hand in hand staged the most beautiful

The Double Ninth Festival for the elderly 90 "hand in hand" staged "the most beautiful love" on this day, they are most happy Hou Henan Daily reporter Jian Xun photo Henan Daily reporter Sun Ke Zi Lili Wu Jing Liu Huili "parents happy, become our children a good example, now our family is very harmonious." This is the lady who lives in Beijing, her parents on the Double Ninth Festival (October 9th) in the morning, hosted by the Henan Agricultural University for the celebration of the golden old. When the lady returned to Beijing a few days later specially, is to witness the old people’s happiness. The oldest married man has been accompanied for 75 years, wearing festive clothes, wearing happy safflower, holding his wife’s hand…… 9 in the morning of 9 days, 90 of the old man walked the red carpet, came to the wedding ceremony. When the woman said, her mother at the end of September, just after the 80 birthday, "my parents are go to school at the Henan Agricultural University, deeply attached to each other for a lifetime, a great influence on our." The lady and her husband stood beside the old man, and they kept taking pictures of the old, and their faces were filled with a happy smile. It is understood that the site of the oldest sea stone, Chao Chen Ailian and his wife, the average age of 94, married in 1943. Gao Zhongxian and Guo Min are the longest pair of couples who have been married for 75 years. The old man said 16 words about marriage. 92 year old Gao Zhongxian head full of spirit, also came to speak: "I am super feudal marriage" living specimen ", but our children and grandchildren, harmonious and happy, there are 11 people in my family, there are 8 College students." When it comes to life, Gao Zhongxian looks happy and satisfied. Speaking of marriage experience, Gao Zhongxian first "self-criticism" a kind of: "I have a big disadvantage, is that this life will only eat, not cook.". Although I am educated than his wife, but the contribution to the family, I should be grateful to his wife, she has been wife cook, but also as a factory worker, industrious life, to retire until the age of 62……" Understanding each other, treating each other equally, looking at each other’s merits and children’s models, Gao Zhongxian summed up his marriage with 16 words, which may be the secret of happiness! (Henan business daily)

重阳节 90对老人“牵手”上演“最美爱情”这一天,他们最幸福河南商报记者 侯建勋 摄河南商报记者 孙科 訾利利 吴静 刘慧丽“父母幸福和睦,成为我们子女很好的榜样,现在我们的家庭也很和谐。”说这话的是家住北京的时女士,她的父母在重阳节(10月9日)上午,参加了由河南农业大学为金婚老人举办的庆祝活动。而时女士这次特意晚回京几天,就是为亲眼见证老人们的幸福时刻。结婚时间最长的老人已相伴走过75载穿上喜庆的衣服,戴上幸福的红花,挽着老伴的手……9日上午9点左右,90对老人走过红毯,来到金婚庆典现场。时女士说,她的母亲9月底刚过完80岁生日,“我爸妈都是在河南农业大学上的学,相亲相爱了一辈子,对我们影响很大。”时女士和她的丈夫站在老人身旁,不停地为老人拍照留念,脸上也洋溢着幸福的笑容。据了解,现场年龄最长的晁海石、陈爱莲夫妇,平均94岁高龄,1943年结婚。而高仲贤、郭敏夫妇则是结婚时间最长的一对,已经相伴走过75载。老人说出16字箴言传授婚姻秘诀92岁的高仲贤精神头十足,还上台发言:“我是超级封建婚姻的‘活标本’,但我们儿孙满堂、和谐美满,我家有11口人,有8个大学生。”谈到现在的生活,高仲贤显得幸福、满足。说起对婚姻的体会,高仲贤先自我“检讨”了一番:“我有一个很大的缺点,就是这一生只会吃饭,不会做饭。虽然我文化程度比老伴高,但论对家庭的贡献,我应该感谢老伴,她一直相夫教子,洗衣做饭,还当过工厂工人,勤劳一生,直到62岁才退休……”相互谅解、平等对待、互看优点、子女楷模,高仲贤用16个字对他的婚姻做了总结,这或许就是幸福的秘诀吧!(河南商报)相关的主题文章: