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UnCategorized The Chihuahua has a reputation for being a nervous little yapper, but these dogs can actually be quite calm and accepting. The key is early training and socialization, but theres no doubt that the Chihuahua can make a great family pet. Many people think the Chihuahua originated in Mexico. In fact, its likely that the dog was first bred in China, but was brought to Mexico by traders. Thats where the dog got its name from the Mexican state of Chihuahua and where it became the well-known dog now so .mon around the world. The Chihuahua is the smallest of the recognized breeds. Most Chihuahuas weigh only five or six pounds, though some adults may weigh as little as three or four. A breeder who can produce dogs that weigh less than three pounds has a valuable .modity. These dogs are highly prized by many people. Besides their size, these dogs are most noted for their .ical expression. They have large ears that generally stand erect and large, bright eyes. They also have a tendency to cock their head to one side, which also makes their expression somewhat quizzical. The coat of the Chihuahua .es in two distinct types. The short and long haired variety are usually judged separately in dog shows but have basically the same requirements with the length of hair being the only definitive difference. Though many people recognize the Chihuahua as pale brown or fawn, this breed may .e in any color. Black, red and blue are also possible, and these dogs may even be a .bination of colors. Naturally, the size is one of the reasons this dog is so popular. Its possible to keep the Chihuahua in a very small apartment because he needs only a little room to run and play in order to meet his daily exercise needs. He also eats little and is in many ways a very economical pet when it .es to what will be required. Theres no need for an oversized dog bed, or heavy leashes and collars. A shoebox will serve quite nicely as a dog bed and those who do walk their Chihuahuas say the biggest challenge is finding a collar and leash that are small enough that they dont weigh the dog down. Some people seldom take the dog outdoors, preferring to litter box train their Chihuahuas. But dont let the size of these dogs fool you. They are often bold little dogs that love to romp and are anxious to get involved in any game thats going on in his world. They dont like to be left out and will often put themselves in the middle of the big peoples world with little regard for their own safety. Its important for the owner to remember the presence of the Chihuahua and do whats necessary to keep them safe. Despite their natural spunk, these dogs are fragile, simply because of their size. There is a natural tendency toward nervousness that can be largely eliminated by early socialization and good training. A Chihuahua that feels loved and secure will exhibit that in his actions and interaction with others. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: