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Medicine With so many schools and universities offering massage and health courses, it would be confusing to anyone which to choose. This may be a tough and very important decision to make, and it ma eventually affect your future. So, it would be better to pick the perfect school, the one that guarantees quality education, good atmosphere, and highly respected and well trusted faculty and curriculum. The American Institute of Massage Therapy was established in 1983 and is presently in league with various highly acclaimed medical institutions. They are regarded as a well established school that offers courses on massage therapy and sports massage. And they give value to respect, .passion and appreciation in their interactions. Why AIMT, you ask? If you enroll in their day or evening program you can .plete your studies within 6 months of your start date. They are flexible and ac.modating to students’ needs particularly when those unexpected problems arise. Their instructors really do have eyes in the back of their heads, for they notice when students are having problems and are quick to supply remedies. Most everyone agrees that instructors are warm, caring, and approachable, hoping to have their students be.e successful. Students tend to bond quickly and within a week generally have formed study groups. Training programs are hands-on throughout, so students have many opportunities to experience being a massage therapist throughout their training. Learning strokes occurs within the first week. Students participate in off-campus projects and events and gain experience working with the public. They must .plete 45 hours of work in an on-campus clinic. AIMT endeavors to promote massage therapy with high quality educational programs, and their programs have been recognized for exceptional values through .munity outreach programs, low cost tuitions, as well as local events participation. They strive to achieve their mission, which is to promote education in order to develop and advance the art, science and practice of massage therapy and to enhance the quality and effectiveness of its graduates. It is one of the best schools to go to, to understand the various dimensions of massage therapy. With this said, it’ll be pretty easy to choose fro here. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: