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Taiwan media: Cai Yingwen abandoned the research of medium range missiles goodwill on the mainland? Sohu – Military Channel Reference News Network reported on September 21st: Taiwan media said that the Taiwan military authority said, from Li Denghui to Chen Shuibian are actively developing, can call to Beijing, Shanghai, the medium range surface to surface missile, the Cai Yingwen administration decided not to do it, for China to release "goodwill". According to Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper" reported on September 20th, it is understood that the codename "Yunfeng" ballistic missile development program, Ma Ying-Jeou suspended due consideration of cross-strait relations, the Cai Yingwen administration has decided to do the program may by Taiwan "Zhongshan Institute of science and technology" in current node case, forever. According to reports, the Cai Yingwen administration decided not to develop medium range surface to surface missiles, there are 3 reasons: including military strategy to adjust; Taiwan not to develop nuclear weapons; production of male two E missile performance is very good, can effectively deal with the mainland coastal military targets. Taiwan has no range to hit Beijing, Shanghai missiles, political than military significance. The general view, after Cai Yingwen was elected will resume development of medium range missiles, however, now decided not to do is not the development of medium range missiles, this is a major decision on the mainland is also sending a message of goodwill. Shanghai Huadong Normal University of cross-strait exchanges and Regional Development Research Institute deputy director Bao Chengke pointed out that, although this CAI authorities have admitted that "reunification with force" is not feasible, but on top of Beijing, cross-strait relations to improve the crux of the problem is still in the "92 consensus". Therefore, it is not so much for Cai Yingwen’s good faith on the mainland, it is better to say that the United States does not want the cross-strait relations in the CAI authorities, the more and more bad". Reported that since 1996 after the Taiwan Strait crisis, decided to develop medium range missiles, is an open secret. , the former head of Taiwan’s governing body, believes that Taiwan needs to maintain enough resistance and publicly said in 2004 that "if you hit me 100 missiles, I’ll hit you."". You are not the first tin? "Said the missile hit Shanghai", former KMT chairman Liu Taiying investment management committee also mentioned "Liangdan theory", said the missile can hit Hongkong, Shanghai. In addition, Lien Chan also openly advocated establishing a remote surface to surface missile. After Chen Shuibian was elected, more active in the development of short-range surface to surface missile. It is understood that the Taiwan military developed two main counter weapons, "Yunfeng" medium range surface to surface missile warheads to destroy force is high, but the accuracy is low; "male two E" high precision missile warhead, smaller.相关的主题文章: