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Now those vintage pieces are very collectible, and the popular designs are just as beautiful and wearable today. An eBay search turns up over 1800 Sarah Coventry pieces available for bid or sale. Not all of them are vintage, since Sarah Coventry jewelry is still sold on the Home Shopping Network. Charles H. Stuart started Sarah Coventry in 1950, and named the company for his granddaughter Sarah Ann. The designing and manufacturing was done by outside companies. Never sold in retail stores, the affordable jewelry was only sold by consultants at home parties. The company was sold in 1984, and in 2003 the jewelry was again sold through home parties, and is still sold that way today. If youre interested in collecting vintage Sarah Coventry, here are some things to consider: Since there was a huge volume of Sarah Coventry jewelry on the market, complete rhinestone sets are the most collectible. Prices are still relatively low, but as more collectors discover the pieces, prices should rise. Try to find Sarah Coventry jewelry in original boxes. The company used several different marks on their jewelry: Sarah Cov with the copyright symbol SARAH with the copyright symbol Coventry with the copyright symbol SaC, SAC, or SC Canada and Sarah with the copyright symbol Sarah Coventry jewelry was made in a wide range of styles and quality. Good weight and attention to detail were typical, and the elaborate rhinestone pieces were very well made. Rhinestones were used in classic color combinations, and enamel jewelry was also produced. Pieces were made in gold tone and silver tone metal. Be aware, however, that there are also many average to below average Sarah Coventry pieces. If youre buying for yourself, for your own pleasure and not necessarily for investment, its important to buy what you like, and examine the condition of each piece carefully. A good way to date Sarah Coventry jewelry is to review vintage advertisements found in jewelry books. Fine Fashion Jewelry from Sarah Coventry, by Jennifer A. Lindbeck is an excellent resource. Sarah Coventry produced many different styles. Some of the more popular pieces were figural pins, like owls, which were very popular decor items in the 70s. Other figurals were flowers and animals. There were gorgeous rhinestone creations and other pieces crafted with turquoise and faux pearls, and even a gold tone pin with an enameled miniature of the Mona Lisa. There was something for every budget and taste. The better pieces and the hostess gifts for parties are now especially collectible. About the Author: I’m Deena O’Daniel, an artist, writer and entrepreneur from Austin, Texas, by way of Southern California. I love jewelry and I love to write about it. I realized that I was a collector when I sold a particularly beautiful piece of jewelry and immediately regretted the sale. Please visit my blog at, and for a great selection of jewelry, collectibles and gifts, please visit my web site at You can also become a fan on Facebook. Article Published On: – Jewelry-Diamonds 相关的主题文章: