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Sichuan municipal government leaders big adjustment, Guangyuan and other 4 cities for mayor – Sohu news, February 19th, the Sichuan provincial Party Committee Organization Department official website issued "cadres before public notice", publicized a number of cadres to be employed. Upstream journalists have found new mayors in four cities, including Guangyuan, Dazhou, Meishan and Yibin. Sichuan provincial Party Committee Organization Department to be promoted 12 cadres of the Sichuan Network Department of Sichuan provincial Party Committee Organization Department official website. Sichuan provincial Party Committee Organization Department issued the "cadres before the public" (hereinafter referred to as "publicity") involving a total of 12 cadres. "Public", "according to the selection and appointment of leading cadres work regulations" and "Regulations of Sichuan province Party cadres Office Management Measures", to further reduce the human oversight error, the cadre selection, the comrade Zou Zijing to be appointed by the public. Among them, the incumbent Deputy Secretary of Guangyuan Municipal Committee Zou Zijing intends to nominate candidates for the mayor of Guangyuan city; the current Deputy Secretary of Dazhou Municipal Committee Guo Hengxiao intends to nominate candidates for the mayor of Dazhou city; the incumbent Deputy Secretary of the CPC Leshan Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Mount Emei (and Luo Jiaming) intends to nominate candidates for the mayor of Meishan city; the Yibin Municipal Committee, deputy mayor Du Ziping proposed he served as Deputy Secretary of Yibin Municipal Committee, intends to nominate candidates for the mayor of Yibin city. "Public" said that the cadres and the masses have different views on the candidates, or candidates have adverse reactions in Germany, or official positions, canvassing bribery and other issues as well as violation of self-discipline behavior, please within 5 working days (February 20th to February 26th) to reflect the supervision at the provincial organization department cadre by letter telephone and network reports etc.. Guangyuan secretary, the mayor has adjusted the upstream news reporter found, intends to nominate candidates for mayor four cadres of all after 60, the youngest of the 48 year old Zou zijing. Four people’s educational background is not low, Zou Zijing is an in-service master degree, Guo Hengxiao is a master’s degree, and Luo Jiaming is an in-service doctoral candidate. Du Ziping is a graduate student of the party school. In addition, four in addition to the current position of Du Ziping is the executive vice mayor, municipal committee, the current position of three other people were Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party committee; four except Luo Jiaming is transferred off-site (from Leshan city to Meishan city), the other three people work unchanged. It is worth noting that the time for the four persons to be present is 3 years, 4 months, 1 years, 11 months, 3 years, 6 months, 2 years and 9 months, respectively. According to the "Sichuan daily" reported that, 21, Guangyuan held the city’s leading cadres conference, Sichuan provincial Party Committee Organization Department announced that the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee decided: Mayor Faye Wong Ren Guangyuan party secretary. He was relieved of his duties as secretary, standing committee and member of the Party committee of MCA in Guangyuan. Reporters learned that, long served as a member of the Standing Committee of the Chengdu Municipal Committee of the mayor of Dazhou, Song Zhaohua is currently the mayor of Meishan; Xu Jin is the mayor of Yibin. (news reporter Wang Xin)

四川市级政府一把手大调整 广元等4市换市长-搜狐新闻  2月19日,四川省委组织部官方网站发布《干部任前公示》,公示了一批干部拟任职情况。   上游新闻记者发现,广元、达州、眉山、宜宾等四市有了新的市长人选。   四川省委组织部拟提拔12名干部   四川组工网系四川省委组织部官网。四川省委组织部此次发布的《干部任前公示》(以下简称《公示》)共涉及12名干部。   《公示》显示,根据《党政领导干部选拔任用工作条例》和《四川省党政领导干部任职管理办法》的规定,为进一步减少用人失察失误,把干部选好选准,现将邹自景等同志拟任职情况进行公示。   其中,现任广元市委副书记的邹自景拟提名为广元市市长人选;现任达州市委副书记的郭亨孝拟提名为达州市市长人选;现任乐山市委副书记、峨眉山市委书记(兼)的罗佳明拟提名为眉山市市长人选;现任宜宾市委常委、常务副市长杜紫平拟任宜宾市委副书记,拟提名为宜宾市市长人选。   《公示》称,干部群众如对人选有不同意见,或认为人选在德的方面有不良反映,或有跑官要官、拉票贿选等问题以及违反廉洁自律的行为,请于5个工作日内(2月20日至2月26日)通过信函、电话和网络举报等方式向省委组织部干部监督处反映。   广元书记、市长已调整   上游新闻记者发现,拟提名为市长人选的四名干部全为“60后”,年龄最小的邹自景今年48岁。四人的学历也不低,邹自景为在职硕士研究生、郭亨孝为硕士研究生、罗佳明为在职博士研究生,杜紫平为党校研究生。   此外,四人中除了杜紫平的现任职务是市委常委、常务副市长外,其他三人的现任职务均为市委副书记;四人中除罗佳明是异地调任(从乐山市到眉山市)外,其他三人的工作地不变。   值得注意的是,四人担任现任职务的时间分别为3年4个月、1年11个月、3年6个月、2年9个月。   据《四川日报》报道,21日,广元市召开全市领导干部大会,四川省委组织部宣布中共四川省委决定:此前担任市长职务的王菲任广元市委书记。免去马华广元市委书记、常委、委员职务,另有任用。   记者了解到,曾长期担任成都市委常委的包惠现任达州市市长;宋朝华现任眉山市市长;徐进现任宜宾市市长。   (上游新闻记者 王鑫)相关的主题文章: