Samsung held a press conference to announce the global recall of note 7 mobile phone batteries in Ch aspack

Samsung held a press conference to announce the Note 7 global mobile phone battery recall Chinese area no problem Sina mobile phone news on September 2nd afternoon news, Samsung in the South Korean media communication will be held, announced the worldwide recall of Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone, and provides a new machine service for users. Samsung Note 7 Samsung mobile president (Dong-Jin Koh) high town public apology, he said at the meeting, according to the survey, 7 Galaxy Note explosion and fire batteries battery defects. High Dong said: "customer safety is always the most important, so we decided to suspend sales (Note 7), to provide replacement service for all customers." On the Chinese market, Samsung said that because China does not use the battery provided by the problem supplier, so the Chinese version of Note 7 will be on sale. As for the Samsung to provide the global new service, communication, there is no official clear Chinese market how to handle, but then Chinese Samsung said in a statement, said officially on sale in the market Chinese’s country line version, because of the different battery supplier, but not in the category of replacement. Note 7 Samsung recently released a flagship phone, has been on sale in the United States, Canada, Mexico, etc.. Line version Note 7 was released in August 26th, and in September 1st officially on sale. The following is Chinese Samsung official statement: in September 2, 2016, Samsung officially announced, used for the protection of consumer confidence, in some countries, according to the Galaxy Note7 may have hidden the initiative to replace the battery. Since September 1st the official version of the Chinese version of the market in the country, due to the use of different battery suppliers, and not in the replacement category, Chinese consumers can rest assured to buy. Samsung will continue to perform "China people’s favorite companies, contribute to the China social enterprise" commitment, continue to uphold the quality and service first conviction, to bring the best products and experience for consumers. Thanks to the media and the public’s attention to Samsung Electronics in china. China Samsung Electronics September 2, 2016相关的主题文章: