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Rumor: bank credit tightening rumors: banks tightened credit policy response: in October 9th the credit limit policy as the standard in addition to herding caused the real estate warrants misunderstanding, another part of the transaction do have the urgent demand of the public is that — the bank will tighten credit policy variables. "Near the end of the year to tighten bank loans, so we hope to be able to complete this transaction before successfully put the bank loan." In Notting Hill just bought a second-hand housing residents Sun Yu said, although it can not determine the news, "but rather believe it to be not credible without" or time to transact business, but he did not think that so many people "!" Unlike Sun Yu "simple logic sooner rather than later", also some rumors about bank credit is more formal. Reporters in the business hall met the same is to do the transfer of Ms. Wang, she read to reporters a "internal information", listing the details on the first mortgage, two sets of mortgage loans, not "three cases"". "You see, we belong to the fourth of the above said, it is said that immediately cannot borrow, so I must come through the implementation of." It is understood that from the beginning of October 9th the implementation of the "Sichuan Province commercial individual housing loans the minimum down payment ratio adjustment plan" for "the first suite Shoufu ratio to 30%, no sub urban and non urban area, after the settlement of mortgage mortgage purchase down payment in accordance with the implementation of the first suite, a suite of outstanding mortgage the purchase Shoufu ratio to 40%, there are more than two sets of housing mortgage lending is no longer outstanding to buy." The news from the banks also said that in addition there is no new policy. Basically, these two "misunderstanding and rumors" is the latest Chengdu property transactions suddenly become the main reason for the huge crowds of people. That transaction demand of the public, try not to join in the fun, the attachment link is about the real estate registration official reply, please look carefully.

传言:银行收紧信贷政策   传言:银行收紧信贷政策   回应:以10月9日限贷政策为准   除了对不动产权证的误会而导致的羊群效应外,另外一部分对于交易办件有急迫需求的市民则是相信――银行将收紧信贷政策有变数。“临近年底银行贷款要收紧,所以我们希望能够在此之前完成交易手续,顺利得到银行放贷款。”刚刚在诺丁山买下一套二手房的市民孙宇表示,虽然不能确定消息真假,但是“宁可信其有,不可信其无”还是抓紧时间来办理业务,只是他也没有想到“人居然这么多!”   和孙宇朴实“赶早不赶晚”的逻辑不同,另外一些关于银行信贷的传言则看起来更加的正规。记者在交易大厅遇到了同样是来办过户的王女士,她给记者看了一个“内部信息”,上面列出了关于“首套房贷、二套房贷、不能贷款”等三类情况的“细则”。“你看嘛,我们就属于这上面说的第四种情况,据说马上就不能贷款了,所以我要赶快落实办完。”   据了解,从10月9日开始实行的《四川省商业性个人住房贷款最低首付款比例调整方案》为“首套房首付比例调整为30%,不再分主城区和非主城区,结清按揭后再按揭购买的首付按照首套房执行,有一套房未结清再按揭购买的首付比例调整为40%,有两套以上房未结清按揭再购买不再放贷。”   而来自银行方面的消息也表示,除此之外并没有任何新的政策。   基本上,这两条“误解和传言”就是最近成都房产交易过户突然变得人山人海的主要原因。建议有交易需求的市民,尽量不要凑热闹,附件链接是关于不动产登记的官方回复,请大家仔细看一看。相关的主题文章: