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Careers-Employment .pared to the average growth rate in other employment sectors, the employment growth rate in PR marketing careers is significantly higher. But in spite of that you should expect keen .petition if you are trying for entry level PR marketing jobs. Those aiming for PR marketing jobs should .plete their graduation in any subject and .bine their bachelors degree with a degree or diploma in either journalism or media studies or mass media or public relations or such .munication related fields from a reputed institute. Along with that you need to .plete an internship in public relations department of an office or show any other kind of similar work experience in related field. And needless to say, PR marketing careers require very strong .munication skills as well as people and media management skills. Job profile of PR marketing work PR personnel or public relations specialists are also often known by the titles media specialists or .munications specialists and aptly so. The main function of a PR personnel is to advocate the cause of clients who wish to maintain and build positive and successful relations with the general public. Hospitals, universities, schools, academic institutions, non profit associations, businesses, MNCs, corporate .panies, even the bureaucracy and the government hire PR marketing specialists to manage and preserve their positive public image. All over the world, .pany heads have finally realized the vital link between the success of organizations & profit and good/excellent public relations. That is why there is this sudden spurt in hiring trained and talented PR specialists who not only manage their public image, but also offer advice on .munications policies and strategies. PR marketing work involves the handling of different kinds of organizational functions and roles such as investor and employee relations; conflict mediation; interest group representation; political campaigns; governmental relations; industry relations; consumer relations; .munity relations; media management. Another vital role that PR marketing professionals must understand thoroughly is the concerns and attitudes of broadcast and print journalism representatives, public interest groups, employees, consumers and .munities so that an organization can maintain and establish cooperative relationships with all. PR personnel in public sector or in government sector are usually known by the designation press secretaries. Their job is to inform the public with updated details about the activities of officials and agencies. PR marketing professionals have to conduct and arrange programs like setting up speaking engagements or preparing public speeches for officials. They have to plan conventions, produce slide shows or films and different other kinds of visual presentations that are used during meetings and .munity projects. Drafting of press releases, arranging press meets, supervising the writing and editing of media releases are other functions of PR marketing specialists. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: