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UnCategorized The Pokemon trading card game has be.e very popular after its original launch back in 1996 in Japan. The most appealing factor is that the game is played very similarly to the way it is played in the animation series which captured the attention of young people. Its .plexity is similar to games such as chess due to the fact that each player needs to know exactly what each card does, how it can be used in addition to the many others available and how to anticipate attacks. Each Pokemon card have marked on them their attack abilities, powers, weaknesses and hit points. The card games has only 9 types of Pokemon cards instead of the 17 which were originally displayed. The card color varies according to the Pokemon type, for instance: * A blue card describes a Pokemon which resides in the water and has water abilities. * An orange or brown trading cards describes Pokemon with earth, rock and fighting abilities. * Purple trading cards represent psychic, ghost or poison type. * Red as you may think represents a fire type * Yellow cards are used for the electric type. * Silver or gray cards are used to represent metal, or steel abilities. * As assumed, green cards represent the grass type of Pokemon or the ones related to nature, bugs and poison. * Navy blue or obscure colored cards depict dark type. * And white cards represent flying and normal types. Another basic card classification shows that every player’s deck has more than just Pokemon cards, they also have stadium, supporter, trainer, and energy cards which affect other players cards according to its abilities. For instance: * Stadium cards can block special abilities of certain Pokemon which will give an edge to some players over the rest of them. * Supporter cards are used just like stadium cards but only one can be played each turn. * Trainer cards allow players to bring back cards which have been discarded, remove energy from adversaries and heal damage caused by attacks. * Energy cards are mostly used to enable attacks. Each attack requires a certain amount of energy which depends on the Pokemon card. Some cards have no color specified so any type of energy card can be used to enable the attack, while others have a color requirement in order to work. As you can see there are many factors which influence how a certain card will perform in battle, the best way to rapidly be.e familiar with them is by thinking about the classifications described above and relating them to a specific Pokemon card in the deck which will enhance its attack abilities and give you an advantage over your adversaries. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: