Plantz Vs Zombie 2 Is

News-and-Society Do you remember best selling game that gets attention all everyone everywhere Plant Vs Zombie? , yes PopCap ultimately reveal the sequel from this franchise. The game really famous in the past, is quite entertaining as you deal with all the zombies that get into your home with a cute creature like plant to kill all of them. With the great 2D graphic and cartoon style this game surely one of the best around. PopCap is declared that they will release the sequel by the end of the year, however, due to the large request from so countless user because they bored playing the 1st version, PopCap launch the Facebook version of this game. The Facebook game is Plant Vs Zombie adventure but still in Beta and shockingly they said that Plant Vs Zombie 2 is going to release at the middle of the year. the facebook version still get plenty of improvement from the creator for example new zombie, equipment, difficulties, as well as multi-player feature to make sure you can .pete with your facebook friend. As you wait for the release you’ll be able to play the game using your facebook account. You are able to protect your area, invade another player spot, and wipe out all the zombies in your web browser. However this facebook version need to have internet access to be able to play, and also the android version for the game has been made and prepared to launch. Just like the earlier Plant Vs Zombie you already know about, in this game you need to guard your house from the invading zombie by putting the plant properly. A long the way the zombie is be.e stronger and difficult to kill. The plants you have are also be.e stronger and have distinct power based on the type. They are able to shoot, block the zombie, eat them, or even blow them with some blast. Although strong weapon or plants need more gold to use. It is best to think twice how we planning to plant and fill up the location. You should spend and pick your collection of plant wisely before you head for the wave , every zombie has their own power and weakness to counter. Some zombie loaded with shield, helmet, even they can jump and run to eat your brain. While the zombie invading your home, you can gather and upgrade your yard to collect unique plant and keep them. This special plant can help you stay alive on the zombie apocalypse approaching right in front of your house. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: