On the security of migrant workers continued to withdraw the may not see the keyboard-homefront

On the security of migrant workers continued to withdraw the may not see the original title: keyboard operation or is not clear on the keyboard Chinese daily news (reporter Qing Rongbo Intern He Yang) yesterday, the China Daily A05 version of "afraid of dirty shoes on the ground of migrant workers money" a paper published in the paper, the shoes on the operation of migrant workers to win everyone’s sympathy and respect. Yesterday morning, the Chinese commercial news reporter correspondent bank, found the photo of the security master Kim (58 years old), he has worked here for over 3 years. Gold master said, the morning of October 26th at 8:50 PM, the bank opens soon, he is mopping the floor cleaning, a migrant workers riding electric cars over, the car feet are mud, "to the door, he began to take off shoes, I don’t let him off, directly into the ground, is to let people step on. But he said he didn’t want to drag the dirty ground, just take off the shoes". A lot of people want to know whether he went into the bank or went to the bank on his knees Master Kim said that migrant workers go in, and then pulled out the phone in front of the ATM machine, according to the information on the phone transfer, after a turn, and second operations. "The second time did not operate successfully, may not be able to see clearly the keyboard of the ATM machine, and then knelt down, I also feel very surprised, but because he is operating, not good to ask in the past." Migrant workers out of the bank after finishing business, wear shoes, riding the electric car to leave. The whole process lasted two or three minutes. Kim said that he had not seen the migrant workers. "Take off his shoes into the banking scene makes me very moved, is not necessary!" Yesterday, the master said, "I also feel very sorry, so cold on the ground so ice, take off shoes certainly uncomfortable." Yesterday morning, the Chinese people’s Daily reporter found a number of sites on the road, unfortunately, did not find the migrant workers. > > the public voice for the simple point of migrant workers praise coincidentally, in July last year, Hunan Torch Hotel in Zhuzhou, a work in the area near the migrant workers to the toilet building, the shoes off, "he said in the outside, not too much trouble to the public, let me in free public toilet has been very grateful". In October this year, a netizen in Shenyang micro-blog broke the news, in the subway encounter three lovely migrant workers brothers, obviously there are many empty seats inside, they all sat on the ground, the scene touching but also some sad. Read yesterday’s report, there are a lot of readers to the China Daily news hotline 24 hours to call 88880000, to express their views. Reader Mr. Wang said, the city’s construction and development cannot do without migrant workers brothers, many migrant workers are actually simple, kind and full of inner beauty, feel sad at the same time, they can only silently to pay tribute! Ms. Sun said that the migrant workers brothers shoes may be a bit mud, but his heart is very clean. Also to the bank’s security point praise. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: