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Obama eulogy to Peres   that reminded him of the "Twentieth Century giant" – International – people.com.cn original title: Obama to Peres said the eulogy reminded him of "Twentieth Century giant" in new network on 30 September, according to foreign media reports, local time 30 days, U.S. President Barack Obama said the eulogy to former President Peres in Israel Jerusalem, Peres reminded him of a former South African President Mandela "giant in twentieth Century". According to reports, Obama in the world leaders attended the state funeral of former Israeli President Peres said, "in many ways, he reminds me, I have had the honor of the other giant in twentieth Century." Obama followed the list of former South African President Mandela, as well as the queen of England, such as the queen of England, and so on, and so on, and so on, and. In addition, Obama also mentioned sitting in the forefront of the Palestinian leader, Abbas, said he was here, is to stand and remind the cause of peace has not yet been completed." It is reported that the Palestinian leader Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in front of the funeral of the brief conversation, and shake hands with each other in the end of the year, the first time, the Israeli Prime Minister, mr.. Abbas Rahm from Allah rushed to Jerusalem to pay their last respects to the world and the elder statesman of the Middle East peace process enabler. Live pictures sent to mount Herzl national cemetery can be seen, Abbas and Netanyahu and his wife had a short talk, Israeli and Palestinian leaders to shake hands. According to earlier reports, local time on the morning of 30, former Israeli President Peres’s funeral was held in Jerusalem mount Herzl national cemetery. US President Obama, French President Hollande and many other international dignitaries attended the funeral. Peres at 28 am local time in Tel Aviv, Chaim, thanks to the death of the medical center, at the age of 93. 13 this month, he was sent to hospital for emergency treatment of stroke, and intracranial hemorrhage. 27 PM, Peres’s condition deteriorated sharply, the doctor announced that its dying. Peres was born in August 1923, he served as Israel’s defense minister, foreign minister, finance minister, Prime Minister and President of the post, known as the Israeli politics of the evergreen tree". Due to the Israeli Palestinian peace agreement, in 1994, he and former Israeli Prime Minister Rabin, former Palestinian leader Arafat won the Nobel peace prize. Many international dignitaries attended the funeral of Peres, including President Obama, former US President Clinton, French President Hollande and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, Prince Charles, the former British Prime Minister Cameron. (commissioning editor Xu Xiangli and Yuan Bo)相关的主题文章: