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University network class in Himalaya Lake – Sohu, science and technology article Yang Ping Ma Yun once said, in 2016, he wants everyone to call him a teacher ma. Teachers’ day, September 10th. Miss Ma’s dream came true. He founded the Lake University, the launch of the first audio course — "Lake three tricks". He chose the platform, is the teacher’s Pro Ma Yu Jianjun students, one handedly created the Himalaya FM. Move your finger, you can hear the ears on the mobile phone to tell you "Ma mission, vision and values". Behind this set of audio, is the Lake University open and shared attitude, in the content, business knowledge, to find the best position of the entangled era, we have to back the lakeside universities attitude of ambition, can see only a small part. An explosion, "Lake three tricks" destined to become explosion models. The enrollment too high to be reached the beginning, with attention. Lakeside University will be positioned as a place to train and find entrepreneurs, whether it is a student or mentor group, are the industry leader and super big brother. Like all of the online courses at the University, the "three lakes axe" should appeal to would-be entrepreneurs, or those who think they can become entrepreneurs. Of course, the crowd is often called the entrepreneur. In the population, demand is also very straightforward, and it happens, "Lake" sanbanfu does have the ability to meet these people. This is a mysterious place, look at the screening of students sponsor system, is remarkable. Need a manager or early student recommendation, which means you must first in Liu Chuanzhi, Xiong Xiaoge like character social circles, have the opportunity to enter the University lake. High threshold means that the attraction is really huge. And now, compared to Guo Guangchang, Shi Yuzhu et al, open mobile phone, you can personally visit, hear lake courses. Ma Yun, Peng Lei and several Alibaba partners will personally teach. Behind this attraction not only in the name of these people. Look at the experience of Peng Lei, you can brush from the public number, Ma Yun’s story is the success of the airport bookstore shelves. But the power of the audio is irreplaceable. First of all, the voice is the narrator, in addition to the physical appearance of the most vivid media, it creates a sense of intimacy through the sense of the scene. The sound itself in volume, the setback carrying enough emotions, these emotions are huge points of information contents and credibility. I listen to Ma "mission, vision and values of" the three axes. A variety of emotions in a direct narrative, as if it were a focus on an article. If these two points are based on the star effect, so just to say, "Lake three tricks" become another big reason for explosion, should also be in the content level. This is a company summed up from their growth, real experience. Ali venture seventeen years, the middle of the key stage and decision-making basis, it is not on the airport shelves of those who come out of the packaging of the success of learning. Two, the so-called successful knowledge, his core logic is to find.相关的主题文章: