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Entrepreneurialism To begin to get a clear picture of Joe Assaraf, one must first understand the odds that had been stacked against him from a choice he made as a teenager. Joe was involved with gangs from the age of 13 to 18 and that alone should have sealed his fate to nothing more than a prison sentence or slow ride in a hearse -at best. So the question then arises how does such a lost human being go from one side of the pendulum of chaos and self-destruction to the .plete opposing side of inner peace and self-revelation? Further still how would that inner journey even begin in order to set oneself into a new modality of self- sustaining and self -sufficing attitudes and attributes? Perhaps via self-reflection and learning a thing or two about taking on the responsibility of recognizing how to own up to ones past. Or maybe it .es from learning to change from the inside out. Could it be deeper than that? Is it possible that his take – as shared in The Secret that The simplest way for me to look at The Law of Attraction isif I think of myself as a magnet I know that a magnet will attract to itour job as humans is to hold on to the thoughts of what we want make it absolutely clear in our own minds what we want and from that we start to evoke one of greatest laws in the universe and that is The Law of Attraction. You be.e what you think about the most but you also attract what you think about the most! He goes on to further explain how this law works by stating A thought has a frequency if you imagine something on a regular basis you will attract it but heres the problem most people focus on what they dont want and they wonder why it shows up! How did he solve this dilemma in his own life? As he tells it, in 1995 he began by putting together what he termed as a Vision Board This was gathered from a collage of pictures he had put together that represented the kind of car he wanted to drive, the clothing he saw himself wearing, the perfect partner he wanted to attract all the way to the type of house he wanted to live in. He put his dream boards in his office and every time he looked at them he imagined what it felt like to already have whatever he had set his sights upon as he scanned the boards. Time and time again hed look at those vision boards and imagined himself over and over again having those things. He explains that over the course of the next 5 years that fallowed he had moved a total of 3 times and his vision boards had gotten packed away and were sitting in storage during that time. When he and his family had finally relocated to California the boxes where taken out of storage and then those that contained the visions of what he had .piled together years before where placed in his office. One morning as he tells it, his son Keenan came into his office at 7:00am, sat on one of the boxes and began to kick his legs back and forth resulting in kicking the box as his legs moved back towards it. Joe asked his son to please stop banging on the box because it contained his vision boards. Inquisitively the child asked Whats a vision board? As Joe tried to explain what they were he saw that the 5 year old didnt understand what his father was trying to explain so Joe didnt elaborate any further and said Here let me show you instead he opened the box and literally fell to his knees and he began to cry! The home that they had purchased and remodeled over the course of a year and a half was the very same home Joe had put on his vision board years before and without even realizing it he had purchased his dream home! Until that very moment in his new office when he looked at the photo taken from the back- side aerial view of the property he had not known the connection from dream to reality! So is it safe to presume that what Buddha believed thousands of years ago when he stated All that we are is a result of what we have thought! is a key factor to recognizing that the science behind the philosophy and the spirituality behind the wisdom are now merging together as one to give everyone the option of adopting this concept regardless of his or her beliefs? I for one like the fact that this idea offers a unified element of awareness that is available to all. The paradox is something I find quite humorous as well. Believers in God or in the Scientific field of Quantum Physics now have reason to take heed and debate its principles while still remaining in their own integrity pertaining to their personal opinions and beliefs about the kind of energy that The Secret puts out into the universe. If as Joe says You can have whatever you wantI dont care how big it is! I think that Leaves us with one last thought left to ponder is it God or Science that creates, or is it you? …Now you can decide the answer for yourself while still applying the steps outlined in the movie and audio tapes about The Secret and The Law of Attraction. Thanks Joe for sharing this with the world! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: