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UnCategorized Having had its fair share of ups and downs over the years it has been in business, in 2009, JD Sports prepared to move into France with the purchase of Chausport, a French based .pany, originally dealing in sports footwear. Prior to 2009, the JD Group only had sports stores within Ireland and the UK, so the move to France was quite a leap to take. The leap appears to be an even greater one, with previous retailers’ experience, revealing the difficulties that UK retailers face in a country such as France. With a strength of 78 stores across France, this has immediately placed JD Sports in quite a strong position, even though it is in unfamiliar territory. The good business decision to leave the current staff of the Chausport .pany in place was also well received and would cause the least amount of disruption for the JD Group. The additional 78 stores in France would place the JD Group with 478 stores split between the UK, Ireland and France. For those familiar with the JD Group, this should not have .e as a very big surprise, as the .pany had previously mentioned that they were looking to expand their sportswear chain. Although this new deal makes great business sense for the JD Group, it also cost them close to 8m euros to acquire the Chausport stores, and with this also came an outstanding debt of 2m that was also taken on by the JD Group. With sales over the years increasing and decreasing, hopefully this new acquisition will pay off for the JD Group over the long term as they secure a significant European market. JD Sports Fashion PLC has long been established as the leading UK specialist multiple retailer of fashionable branded and own brand sports and casual wear, principally through the growth of its main retail fascia, JD Sports. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: