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Reference-and-Education With every new career, there are normally job objectives and qualification conditions. For this reason, skills recognition is an extremely important part of the assessment strategies to be able to really find the skill sets of individuals not only through their educational background but in addition their informal learning from the real world. This considers experiences in the work environment and participating in any volunteer activities. The system used in this is called the RPL also referred to as recognition of prior learning. This is effective in the purpose that it assesses skills according to prior real life experiences as the name states. Primarily only Registered Training Organizations (RTO) are the ones that implement RPL at the moment and these .prise of vocational education programs and other universities and colleges. No.heless, not all RTOs can be available nationwide and even locally. This is where online RPL may benefit a number of individuals who cannot track down any RTO in the area and therefore can have the possibility to be examined using the RPL system. Rural areas and regional areas can now take full advantage of being examined online without spending hours and hours of travel going from one place to another. Examples of .anizations Offering Online RPL in Australia: First example is the Australian Flexible Learning Framework that supports and funds two projects for online RPL solutions. Second is the Wodonga TAFE in the Victoria area which has used the Moodle system to build its online RPL that helps walk through the candidates in discovering career options by means of recognised prior learning. Moreover, Moodle helps provide information on what RPL can bring and how it functions during the process. Also, it gives tips, typical recognition of prior learning terms and helpful links about skills evidences to get from candidates that can proceed with the assessment. Wodonga Skills Recognition then provides applicants access to their online training site where they are able to upload up to 20 items including photos, resumes, reference letters and also videos to characterize themselves. Wodonga consultants are going to go through each applications and checks on evidences. Once they find equivalent skills, they give advice to applicants on improving any skills gaps and assigning them to an assessor to undergo formal recognition. Indeed, all activities are executed online yet the system is very easy and at the same time cutting the travel times for evidence gatherings and initial consultations. Physical contact is still very important but then this is effective solution for giving applicants easier alternatives. Lastly, the Australian Institute of Management in South Australia also implements online RPL solution called the Regional and Remote RPL. It uses its own web-based tool referred to as SkillsBuilder. This captures skills evidences with recorded interviews by means of Skype, tutorials, and individual online workspaces to ensure they have targeted skills recognition. Also, they can upload their evidences in their workspaces, edit it and show it when they’re ready to go through the real assessment process. Because of its success, AIMSA is said to also pilot recognition of prior learning process with Certificate IV in Training and Assessment as well as Certificate IV in Frontline Management and Diploma in Management. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: