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Internet-and-Business-Online If you’ve been blogging for some time then you’ve probably discovered that there is more to it than just putting up articles if you truly want to be successful and make money blogging. So what you need to do is learn a bit more about marketing your blog so that you attract more and more visitors who in turn will click on your links and buy re.mended products, but don’t forget marketing and content go hand in hand, you won’t be successful just by concentrating on one or the other. Now it’s not exactly hard to market your blog but you do need to put the time and effort into doing it right otherwise you are unlikely to see the kind of results you are after. And don’t expect to do a couple of marketing activities and see a huge surge in traffic overnight, it is more than likely that you are going to have to keep at it for a little while to truly reap the benefits of your efforts, so stick with it and make blog marketing a part of your weekly routine and you’ll see results. So how can you make your blog marketing efforts a little bit more interesting and in turn increase your chances to make money blogging? Well, while SEO and building links are useful they can also be a bit boring, so here are a few different ways to market your blog which you might find a little more interesting, and let’s face it if something is interesting you are more likely to keep doing it. A different method of blog marketing that can be quite fun is conducting interviews with people that are authorities in your niche, simply take the time to write up some great questions and then just ask them while recording the responses. Even if you conduct the interview over the phone or via Skype you can always record it and simply turn the transcript into an article for your visitors. Not only can this be a great source of information for your readers but you are more than likely to learn something as well! Alternatively how about running regular contests on your blog where your readers can win a prize for being the first person to .ment on your latest article or maybe you can leave clues in your articles which readers have to find and submit in order to win a prize. People really get into little contests like this and you will find that if you do it on a regular basis they will tell there friends meaning you can get even more readers. It’s not like you have to spend a fortune on prizes, you could offer a reader a guest post or promotion for their own blog or product, be creative and I’m sure you’ll .e up with some great options. Be creative when it .es to blog marketing and you will find that not only will you enjoy it more but you will do it more consistently meaning that as your traffic levels grow so do your chances to make money blogging. Of course be sure to do some of the more mundane blog marketing such as creating good content (although article writing doesn’t need to be boring), blog .menting, submitting your articles to other sites and so on. There are so many blog marketing techniques available to the average blogger that all you need to do is find the ones that suit you and then apply them on a regular basis. Take the time to learn more about marketing your blog and apply these new techniques and it won’t be long before you discover that it’s not all that hard to make money blogging if you use the right tools. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: