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Business It is not always easy to avoid food poisoning if food contaminated at your package tour hotel in Morocco but there are some things you should look out for. Food should always be served and handled correctly. Food should never be served at room temperature and even food served buffet-style should be maintained at the correct temperature throughout service. Hot food should be piping hot and never lukewarm. Cold food should be properly chilled and served directly from a cold cabinet or fridge. Salads can be as dangerous as meat if they are not maintained at the proper temperature. Food should never be left uncovered as it will attract flies and other insects, and buffet style food should not be reheated day after day. If you are attending a holiday barbecue, make sure all meats are cooked through and never served pink in the middle and only eat salad dressings which have been kept chilled and not left open to contamination. Any products which contain eggs must be cooked, including desserts and you should never eat runny eggs which are not cooked through. Only drink bottled water if the seal is intact and never ask for ice in drinks. Many all inclusive holiday hotels in Morocco offer all day snacks at pool bars. If pizzas, burgers and other fast foods are prepared and left out in the sun, they are likely to be.e contaminated quickly causing illness to holidaymakers when eaten. Use your instincts when it .es to food and, if you suspect it may be contaminated, refuse to eat it. You may have to pay to eat outside the hotel but it will be worth it to avoid food poisoning. If you suffer holiday illness in Morocco, make a .plaint to the holiday representative and sign a .plaint form. Keep a copy of all paperwork and never accept any offer of vouchers or .pensation as you could be entitled to much more with the help of a regulated personal injury solicitor in the UK. If you have already accepted .pensation in any form from the tour representative, it may be difficult to claim a higher sum when you return to the UK. When food is reheated day after day or when fresh food is mixed with older food, it will quickly be.e contaminated and holidaymakers often suffer symptoms of sickness and diarrhoea after eating infected food. Whether you are staying at an all inclusive hotel in Morocco or you have paid to stay at a package tour hotel on a half board or full board basis, you should never be exposed to holiday illness and, if you be.e sick after eating food at the resort, you are well within your rights to make a claim for .pensation from the tour operator as soon as you return home. Food poisoning is no joke and it can cause major illness if it is not treated quickly. Contact a no win, no fee solicitor in the UK and claim .pensation for loss of enjoyment of your holiday, pain and suffering and medical expenses if you feel your illness was caused by the negligence of the tour operator. By using a no win, no fee personal injury solicitor you have nothing to lose and it wont cost you a penny to make a claim. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: