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Alternative The term bath salts refers to a range of water-soluble, usually inorganic solid products designed to be added to a bath, either to improve cleaning, provide a medical improvement, to improve the experience of bathing, or to serve as a vehicle for cosmetic agents. Healthy skin, physical and mental well being is dependent on the correct sodium and potassium or fluid balance in the body. Basic Bath Salts – Kosher Salt, Baking soda (softens your skin) , Essential oil of your choice , Food coloring optional. Pour the salt, the essential oils, and a few drops of food coloring into the bowl. Fill the jar. When it’s time to use the bath salts, pour the mixture into the bathtub and add warm water. Stir the water so the salt dissolves. Large glass or metal mixing bowl , 2 cups Epsom’s salts, 1 cup Sea salt, rock salt or coarse salt, Food coloring , 1/4 teaspoon Glycerin, Essential oil for fragrance such as vanilla, citrus or peppermint, optional Clean, dry jars with cork stoppers or metal screw-on lid Try and do this on a day with low humidity, the salt will absorb moisture from the air. Combine salts in bowl and mix well. Add a couple drops of food coloring and mix well. Add glycerin and essential oil (4 or 5 drops) and mix well. Spoon salts into the jars and close them. Make a gift tag with the scent (if you used one) and suggesting using 1/3 to 1/2 cup in the bath. Makes 3 cups of bath salts. SeaOra’ genuine Dead Sea bath salts contain over 26 minerals essential to skin health and proper moisture balance to have the high mineral composition. Citrus – Refreshing Bath Salt 16oz – Feel your body awaken as you soak in these rejuvenating and refreshing bath salts. Contains natural extracts of Tangerine & Ginger to re-energize your tired body and mind, bringing you back to life. Bokek Dead Sea Salt – Assisting to replace or remove electrolytes enables the body to maintain a good fluid balance thereby improving a feeling of relaxation, health and well being. Although Dead Sea Salt is known for its medicinal qualities, it is strongly recommended that you consult your physician in before using our products for treatments of Psoriasis, Arthritis, Atopic Dermatitis, Eczema and any other skin disorder. Homemade Bath Salts – Patchouli Bath Salts Recipe: Patchouli oil has a sensual woodsy aroma, valued for its tranquil calming effect and long-lasting intense fragrance. Add sparingly to epsom salts, sea salt, or a combination of both. Color the bath salts green with food coloring, add glycerin, if using, and bottle. Bottle or Jar, Epsom Salts, Food Coloring, Perfume or Essential Oil. Combine the desired amount of Epsom salts (enough to fit in your bottle or jar) with food coloring. Mix well so color is even. Add your perfume or essential oil and mix again. Spread the mixture out on a sheet of wax paper to dry for a couple of hours and then put it in the bottle or jar. While the salts can be used right away, the perfume or essential oil will blend better with the salt if it is allowed to set in the jar for a few weeks. Ocean Blue Bath Salt Recipe – 1 cup epsom salt, 1 cup baking soda, 4 drops blue food coloring, 3 drops Jasmine essential/ fragrance oil, 4 drops vanilla essential/ fragrance oil, 2 tablespoons liquid glycerin (skin moisturizer) (optional Combine dry ingredients, mix well. Add color and scents one at a time. Keep stirring until mixed well. Break up any clumps. Keep mixing until you have a semi fine powder. Add glycerin and mix well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: