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UnCategorized Prom night is the most magical evening of the school year for many teenagers across America. For parents, however, it can be a time to worry about their kids’ safety on the road. A great transportation solution that both prom-goers and their parents can agree on is to hire a limousine service for the evening. Here’s why hiring a limo service is a great idea. From the parental perspective No matter how wonderful your kids are, the unexpected may still happen. Proms are great social events, but they can also be opportunities for some teens to drink too much. Whether your child happens to drink or whether someone else in her party is, there is always a chance that drunken driving will claim a victim on prom night. Take the onus of driving off your teen’s back by letting someone else do the driving on prom night. As a parent, you will know that your child is being transported in safety by someone responsible, no matter how late the evening gets. If you live in a big city like New York where driving is scary under the best of conditions, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your child isn’t attempting to navigate the streets himself. From the teen perspective Nothing says romance and fun like giving your date a ride in a real limo. It is simply a classier choice than anything else and truly makes prom night the special evening that it should be. Most teens who rent a limo do so as a group to defray the cost and because it’s simply more fun to go to prom in a big crowd. Limos can hold up to 16 people .fortably, and they boast a lot of great features such as: air-conditioning, tinted windows, plush upholstery, entertainment equipment, TV, and even a wet bar in which to keep your stash of sodas and water. Host a pre-prom picture party at your house and invite everyone in your group to .e have their photographs taken and have a little something to eat. The limo can then .e to your house and pick everyone up at once. The driver will wait for you while you’re eating dinner and will .e back to pick you up after the dance itself. If you’d like, the limo can even take you to any after-prom activity you may have planned, such as bowling. Hiring a limo service for prom night is great fun for teens, and it also gives peace of mind to their parents. In other words, it’s a win/win proposition. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: