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UnCategorized Trick-or-treating is one of the most exciting activities to do during the Halloween. But you can spice things up a bit by using various Halloween face paint examples to further enhance your halloween costumes. This is great if you are playing some important character during the holiday, such as vampire or witch. Space aliens are a popular Halloween character. The materials for this costume are very easy to find, so you can basically transform yourself into one in a matter of minutes. You simply need a headband or elastic band, absorbent paper towel, a great variety of face paints particularly green and white, brushes that are fine and thick, and a bowl of water. First, pull your hair back. To avoid messy hair, make use of some gel. You can then draw up four circles or ovals all over the face. Choose the color that you really like. Outline the circles with green shade using thick brush. Wait for the paint to dry. Once it does, you can then apply white color on the areas around your lips and eyes. For a more alien look, include a few more eyes on your cheeks and on your forehead. Once the white paint dries, you can add black dots on your eyes to resemble the pupils. You can also include some eyelashes around them by using a red lip liner or brushing red paint. At the very least your friends will have a good laugh when they see you. A Few More Varieties It’s not unusual that you run out of ideas for your face painting, and you may need to add some more elements to emphasize what you have created. More Halloween face paint examples may include the following: Glitters. Glitters will definitely make you sparkle all night. They are very attractive to look at and work absolutely well to the princess or fairy costume and makeup. However, you should take note that you just don’t buy any glitter. You must settle for the body glitter, not the aluminum glitter. The latter can cause pain and, worse, damage on your skin. Body glitters are much safer. There are different types of glitter that you can use, including glitter powders, glitter gel, and glitter dust. You can experiment on any of them and see which will look more effective to your face paint. Makeup. What if you run out of face paint? Then make use of your set of makeup! For example, you can make use of your lip liner to create outlines all over your face. Blush-ons look just as nice as pink face paints. They are very easy to find and can help you save a great deal of your time. You can also .bine your makeup with your face paint. All it needs is some form of experimentation. Also, you need to check that the makeup you’re using is safe to your skin. Before you know it, you may already be suffering with bad case of skin allergy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: