Goddess film Zhang Ziyi postpartum postpartum list of the most eye-catching pgd-426

The goddess Zhang Ziyi to shoot large postpartum "table" feeling the most eye-catching title: because of the recent fashion week and film festivals around the world, so many big goddess have again appeared in public view, the queen Fan Fan Ye, freaky Zhang Ziyi are various and they choose to steal the spotlight, watches and accessories are also super has its own style. Love you, who in the end? The number of public concern "cavity tune", see more wonderful original content after the birth of female Zhang Ziyi the first time to participate in the International Film Festival, the forty-first Toronto International Film Festival, the film festival competition judges, exposed several sets of no other big gorgeous dress, but also elegant, and this time with Zhang Ziyi in the Film Festival Watch Hublot, personality Hublot also let Zi Yi behind the other revealed a low-key little charming and confident. Zhang Ziyi at the Toronto International Film Festival wearing Hublot Zhang Ziyi at the Toronto International Film Festival wearing Hublot a few days ago in Spain, Feng Xiaogang’s works, "I am not Pan Jinlian" at the San Sebastian International Film Festival Grand premiere, Fan Ye in the two person style style appearance, elegant white with Cartire the set of fine jewelry + watch, fine jewelry and elegant blue with Chopin, can only say that the various shape and style is the only reasonable control her! Fan Bingbing is wearing blue elegant Chopin senior jewelry series Earrings Fan Bingbing elegant white with Cartire’s senior jewelry and watch recently in various film festivals and awards, other international stars also have to choose their own love at the table. Australian actor Joel · Edgerton wearing MontBlanc Star Classic automatic timepiece unveiled at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival Jordan · Pierre wearing MontBlanc Star Classic calendar automatic timepiece debut 2016 Emmy creative awards (Creative Arts Emmys)相关的主题文章: