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Parenting Here is a quantity of particulars on how a girl bully will work on her victim. First of all, the girls? bathroom is reported as the most .monly used area for bullies to carry out their abusive behavior towards other girls. Second, school yard break time allows a girl bully and her crowd to .e within reach of a victim and cunningly and securely mistreatment her in a verbal fashion by humiliating her in front of her acquaintances. Third, when school is out, physical struggles occur as a result of girls bullying other girls during the school day. In some cases, a note will be circulated indicating that the proposed sufferer is going to be subjected to girl aggression and girl violence. Even though school officials and administrators may be made aware of the situation, once the girls are out of the schools jurisdiction there is nothing they can do about it. A particular recorded episode, seen by a member of school staff, in which twenty five or more girls went along with the girl bully to a specific place away from school grounds, was terrifying. The girl bully knew the exact route home intended by the victim and just two blocks from school, the bully confronted the victim on her journey home. Even though the victim was in the .pany of a few friends, her small group was clearly outnumbered. Words were exchanged by the girl bully and the victim, and then, inevitably all hell broke loose. Girl’s hostility and violence started without anyone trying to intervene and stop it. Cheering boys came to watch and encourage the girl bully. Did this event get as far as being reported to the officials? Yes, it did and the following morning the parents of the victim filed a .plaint on behalf of their daughter. Did the girl bully get pulled in for questioning about the incident? Yes, she did and statements were given by those in attendance. Was the girl bully suspended from school? No. Why not? The bully was not suspended due to the fact that the statements prepared confirmed the victim had actually started the fight, a fact that was supported by every member of the bully’s followers. The girl aggression and girl violence of that day resulted in other girls within the school terrified. Some stayed at home the day after the incident and some even went one step further and asked to be moved to another school. This has to be public education at its most unpleasant. Victims being left powerless, hopeless, and more and more weakened in their ability to learn are the regular results of an occurrence of this type. On the other hand, the girl bully gained respect and reverence from her peers, and was in essence given an open invitation to carry on with her supremacy in the act of terror. Incidents of girls bullying other girls have grown in middle schools, as indicated by the girl bullying figures. It’s time to put an end to this sequence of violence and to once and for all put into practice strict and appropriate penalties incurring ruthless actions. A point needs to be made to all girls who bully other girls, that this sort of behavior will not under any circumstances be tolerated or accepted. A case must be made for .pulsory removal of girls bullying girls with aggression and violence. copyright By Mandy-Jane Clarke Stop-Bullies.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: