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Sales-Management Managing a restaurant is a tough job, especially when you are just starting out and you only have a skeleton crew at your disposal. If you stretch yourself too thin with multi-tasking, then eventually your body and mind will give out and you start forgetting things you needed to do. Do not do everything by yourself! Help is available for entrepreneurs like you. Online forums and industry associations offer valuable advice for both novice and experienced restaurateurs. Organizations, such as SCORE, NRA and CRA, have online resources and restaurant forms that its members can take advantage of. SCORE offers small business mentoring and training to its members. As a .munity of business leaders and entrepreneurs, SCORE provides help through its mentoring program, which pairs up novice entrepreneurs with experienced individuals who guide them through different phases in establishing a business. The SCORE .munity also provides training through its featured workshops and webinars. Their collection of business tools, such as restaurant forms and financial templates, prove invaluable to beginners and veterans alike. The forms and templates are available in Word, Excel and PDF formats and downloadable from their website. Aside from that, SCORE members can access podcasts, 60-second guides and how-to articles. Unlike the general business orientation of SCORE, CRA and NRA are industry associations focused on building a .munity of restaurateurs. CRA, or the California Restaurant Association, provides industry-related news, guides, advice and restaurant forms for restaurant owners and suppliers in the state of California. Similarly, NRA provides the same support and advocacy as CRA for its members, who mainly .e from the restaurant industry. Both associations also have .working events, training workshops, and business tools, like restaurant forms and restaurant templates, available free for its members. If you are not taking advantage of the resources these associations provide, then you will surely be wasting time second-guessing your next step. You will probably experience a few failures along the way, which can be costly for any restaurant business. Investing on the annual membership fees will all be worth it when you finally see your restaurant open to a large crowd on a busy weekend and you are sitting on a hammock at home! About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: