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Fight even received Sanyang prev to paint the 10 month high despite the Commission to speed up the issuance of IPO and domestic futures attack bad news over the weekend, but did not stop the pace of a strong rise in the A-share market A. After the solution of low Kaihua bad, rapidly rising into the mode index. Afternoon Chinese building small diving, the mood quickly infection related sector stocks, intraday downward turn green, when near the late market, over 3200 daily, three positive, again to refresh the 10 month high. At the close, the stock index at 3210.37 points, up 14.33 points, up 0.45%; deep index reported 10907.53 points, up 29.39 points, up 0.27%; entrepreneurship blackboard 2161.69 points, up 14.58 points, up 0.68%. The Shanghai stock market trading volume, turnover of 346 billion 975 million yuan, the Shenzhen turnover of 421 billion 36 million yuan, the two cities a total turnover of 768 billion 11 million yuan, compared with the previous trading day again increase more than 7 billion yuan. Monday A-share market staged a wave of roller coaster market A". Two, Dikaigaozou, although after Chonggao down, but continued to rise pattern. In addition, today’s volume is obvious, the gem has stronger signs. In this regard, Wang Zhihui said: the market research information card technology has entered the stage of the bull market, but the market does not have the big bull market conditions, only Manniu pattern, recently continuous strong rebound, this position also requires a step back to reinforce the action, it will be more beneficial to the stock market outlook point to 3360. That is to say: short-term shocks, will continue upward, the market structural opportunities to highlight, investors can fall every gallon. Specific investment opportunities can be watching tonight in the video program "research of energy-saving", password 8888 overall: Zhongxun permit research Huang Hengjun believes that today’s market volume again, turnover continued to release a new high since September 27th, means that outside the capital is gradually approaching. The overall market is hot coexistence, no plate prominence, it is normal to the trend of the market, are hot in a rising trend, the trend has not yet appeared features end up, but the various hot plate internal stock rotation and relay. In addition, today’s market is also insufficient, although the volume that is high, but the stock activity decreased, from the limit the number you can see, always limit the number only 49, than on Friday more than and 60 compared to a lot less, and keep the trend of the stock trading in the original a number of strong stocks are shares at the bottom of a start-up is few, the new force to join forces to do more weakened. These characteristics of the disk also means: after the market volatility trend will be more frequent, profit taking pressure will gradually increase, but the market to do more strength equally strong, therefore, the market outlook will be the polarization of the market norm, stocks quickly adjust and profiteering opportunities and deposit, short-term market in new and old relay, and avoid the risk of catching the ability to grasp the opportunities and the majority of investors will decide the recent level of profitability. The market is a bull’s Carnival, one side is the rapid adjustment of profits, is Rainbow Night. Know how to avoid the investors, investors will have a clear idea of operation continue to enjoy the feast of the bull market. Concrete exercise;相关的主题文章: