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Feel the Malay amorous feelings, enjoy the most beautiful sunset, the charm of Sabah tourism in family travel Sohu son to go to the seaside city of Shandong has been the charming sunshine, sea and beach Lianlianbuwang during the summer, although the arrangement of the tour of Sanya, but before his son was ill in hospital, did not go into. Has been very depressed. It had heard of Malaysia Sabah good, enjoy the wind of the name, here not only has the beautiful sea, people yearning for water, water project, the mystery of the original tropical rain forest, the annual 21-32 degrees Celsius, suitable temperature, and Sabah is no typhoons, tsunamis and other natural disasters, as well as the largest the characteristics of the Chinese is many, the communication is convenient, very suitable for the whole family to travel together with. Wuhan also opened Sabah direct flights to Kota Kinabalu, only 4 hours just arrived in the Sabah capital of Kota Kinabalu, convenient and quick. So in this mid autumn festival a good day, a family of three, which set foot on the walk away. Because with children, the whole trip is more relaxed and free, no exciting projects. We went to SAPI island one day, but that day is the big waves, taking into account the safety factors of children, or give up. Before starting to Malaysia and not visa free countries, so to advance the visa, the visa is very simple, find a treasure on the line, need to prepare materials passport, 2 white photos (photo 35mm*45mm), photo size requirements are relatively high, strictly abide by the size. From the mail to receive documents, generally need 5-10 days, pay attention to advance. 200-300 yuan Malaysia in 2016 also launched the electronic signature (eVISA), only need to provide passport photos and photo electronic files, English single trip tickets can be, we can immediately sign, more convenient, pay attention to the time of entry to carry electronic visa, hotel accommodation, travel itinerary, UnionPay card or credit card daily, not less than $50 (or equivalent) money, but many students found, did not check these. Of course it’s best to be prepared to avoid unnecessary trouble. If time is abundant, it is best to sign paper. Sabah perennial 21-32 degrees Celsius, short note can, suggest taking a coat, so afraid of a little cold at night, and it cold enough, you know! Slippers, swimwear, sunscreen, of course, essential. Can lease WiFi or phone card in advance. 1 ringgit ringgit is =1.6 RMB and RMB exchange ratio, but if the airport has a red eye flight people work, can sell phone cards in the exchange, but the exchange rate is relatively low only 100 yuan for 55 ringgit, suggestions or bring Chinese card. D1. it is really cold at the end of 2015, AirAsia opened Wuhan to Kota Kinabalu (23:58-04:15) route to travel to Sabah people really bring a lot of convenience, Wuhan and nine provinces of Wuhan City, can attract a lot of people around the city to travel to Sabah, and is now in operation it is also very convenient, with AirAsia app, mobile phone can complete the check-in, if not checked baggage,.相关的主题文章: