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Network-Marketing .www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ldr9ZTJ5Xw 00447833230492 – Michael T. Makahamadze Building your MLM Business on Facebook can be very rewarding and successful, if done correctly. Unfortunately, most network marketers are doing it all wrong. If you can master the art of effective promoting your Network Marketing Business using Facebook, you will stand out from the rest of the home business owners out there who are spamming people on Facebook with their MLM business opportunities. The numbers will always come into play when you are marketing your MLM business opportunity. Whether you’re markeitng your MLM home business on Facebook, or any other social media platform, or even offline, the more MLM prospects your present your business opportunity to, the greater your chances of success. It is however important to recognize that the only people who will join your Network Marketing Business opportunity, are people whose problems and needs are solved by your business opportunity. The first thing you will need to do if you wish to sponsor network marketing distributors using Facebook, is to find prospects whose needs are in line with the benefits offered by your Network Marketing business opportunity. You will not be successful with your MLM Business on Facebook by pitching your business opp to every prospect you befriend on Facebook. To enhance your Network Marketing sponsoring efforts on Facebook, you will need to remember that Facebook is a social networking platform; a platform where people build and enhance relationships, not sell and market! Network Marketing, being a relationship-based business is perfect for Facebook. When you go onto Facebook with the aim of establishing relationships with your target prospects, then your chances of connecting with them and eventually promoting your MLM business opportunity to them will be higher. Promoting your MLM business on a social media platform such as Facebook starts with connecting with prospects from your target market, getting to know their background, needs and desires, then presenting your Network Marketing business opportunity to them, if and only if the MLM prospects have a need that your MLM business opportunity can solve. If you can manage to effectively use Facebook to market your network marketing business opportunity, you can potentially build a massive MLM business, have an endless supply of MLM leads, and more importantly, you could have your team easily duplicate what you are doing. Facebook gives Network Marketers massive potential for their businesses, but most home business owners are using it all wrong. Presenting your home business opportunity to everyone you come across on Facebook, without establishing their immediate needs will not give you MLM recruiting success on Facebook. Finding Success With Your Network Marketing Business On Facebook To find success with your Network Marketing business on Facebook, you need to consistently connect with MLM prospects from your target market, get to know more about them and their greatest needs. Add friends from Facebook groups where people from your target market hang out, and get to know them. Your circle of friends expands, and this gives you and your Network Marketing business greater chances of success on Facebook. As much as possible, avoid talking about your Network Marketing business opportunity or products, even though your intention is to promote your Network Marketing business on Facebook. When you can place emphasis on connecting with MLM prospects daily, and establishing a relationship with them, you move yourself closer to becoming a MLM sponsoring powerhouse. Using Facebook for your MLM business starts with your finding out what you have in common with your prospects, and as much general, yet important information, about them. When you ask your Facebook prospects the right questions, without appearing intrusive or salesy, you can gain their trust and get closer to knowing what their greatest needs are. Only when you have established if there is a need to be met can you start promoting your MLM Business Opportunity on Facebook. All MLM Facebook marketing strategies start with connecting with your prospects, and understanding their needs and desires. Connect with MLM prospects, and sponsor them into your primary Network Marketing business opportunity, only if you learn how to do it right. Michael T. 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