Epson Stylus Dx4000

Background The Epson Stylus DX4000 is one of Epson’s entry level models for .bined printer/copier/scanner units. As .pared to Epson’s more expensive models, the DX4000 isn’t as quick at printing in either black or colour ink, but it is the perfect size and cost for a run-of-the-mill home printer or for small business use. The quality of the print isn’t there for more demanding or professional print jobs, and it does tend to use up ink quickly if you’re a regular user. Nevertheless for the money, the DX4000 is one of the cheapest, most versatile models in its class, and is great for occasional use such as printing letters and invitations. Key Features The most notable feature of the Epson Stylus DX4000 printer is that it also has the ability to scan and photocopy. This can be seen with the photocopy lid on top of the printer which also doubles up for scanning purposes. Whether you’re using all the functionality of your printer or just the photocopying, you can run a copy off in a matter of seconds with one touch of the button – in colour or in black and white. Additionally the scanning features allow up to 600dpi to enhanced image quality, whilst it also allows borderless printing up to A4 size, ensuring whatever you scan or copy, you won’t lose half of the margins like with other printer and scanner units in this class. And with replacement ink cartridges .ing in at some of the cheapest in the market, the Epson Stylus DX4000 might be the choice for those on a budget or those who aren’t interested in having to pay to maintain a more powerful model. Choose The Epson Stylus DX4000 If… You use your printer from time to time to print out a letter, or your kids print off school projects and posters. Even for the small businessman this model is on the verge of acceptability. Those with more serious printing requirements, or more frequent needs should probably look elsewhere. Not For You If… If you’re looking for a lightning fast, professional quality printer or copier for office use this probably isn’t the model for you. The Epson Stylus DX4000 is good for small home office use or for printing school projects, but to rely on it in a busier environment isn’t a good idea. Likewise the quality of the print won’t really suffice for professional letters or brochures, and so it’s probably a good idea to move on to a more expensive or more feature-intense model if you require any of this additional functionality. Conclusions The Epson Stylus DX4000 is a good, solid printer for home and family use. Indeed it can also be used for office purposes if you run a small business, or if you work from home. However when it .es to the crunch with professional print jobs and marketing materials, even photographs, the quality simply isn’t there with this model, or any in its price range for that matter. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: