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Movies-TV Many of us might have experienced watching a movie in the 3 d format or to that extent in a 7 D theatre taking us into a virtual world of reality. But you can still further enhance that experience by looking out for the 9d theatre or to that matter the 11d theater and the 12 d theater that gives you the real time experience of the movie with special effects and seat arrangements that is beyond your imagination. The 12 d theatre offers not only special visual effects, but also tickles your sensations creating the same ambiance and feel at the theatre helping you to totally involve with the emotions and atmosphere on the screen. All the chairs are controlled by the simulation system and the technology helps you to feel the effects in the movie like the smell, touch, wind, bubble, water, heat etc. The 12 d theater or the 11 d theater movies are specially shot with so many effects that can be actually transformed to the audience using the special effects both in the theater and the seats installed for this type of movies. The seats come with special effects like leg tickler, butt and back poker, neck blast, air blast, seat vibration, water jet and seat sub-woofer which all operate in coordination with the effects in the movies offering an excitement to the audience. The audience surely feels thrilled to experience the same feeling what the characters on the screen actually feel and hence gel with the theme more easily enjoying the fights or thrills on the screen to a further extent compared to the regular movies. The movies for the 12 d theater or the 9d theater generally last for 20 minutes to 30 minutes duration with adventurous themes and rides so that audience can experience all the special effects and enjoy the experience of viewing a movie in this format. In fact, this can also be taken up as a business model by the enthusiasts who can open a theatre in the shopping malls, supermarkets, theme parks, tourist attractions, amusement parks or the public places to make profits. The 12 d theater installation is taken up by those offering the business franchise who installs the cinema effects, chair effects, chair drive like pneumatic system, hydraulic system or the electric system and also the sound system to offer a thrilling and exciting experience without any dangers involved in it. About the Author: By: Stacy Tan – Everyone likes violins, and it is often an instrument of choice for many beginners. Beautiful and melodious, the violin is great fun to play and is adaptable to different genres of music. It can be tough for beginners but it is well worth the rewards. For new violin le … By: Lopa – To know India u need to go through it’s history, it’s culture. You should see the rural India and can acknowledge the real India and their survival. 5 movies which depict the actual India in front your eyes. By: Steve Hurley – In the world of entertainment and education, the Smart Android TV Box is a revolution in the way the world watches TV. Everything that can be done on the internet can be done on the much bigger television, thanks to this unique device. By: symon ramirez – Almost everyone is now aware of the convenience and variety online shopping can offer. However, not everyone understands how to get the best deals on merchandise and shipping costs in order to have a truly optimal experience. The information presented below should prov … By: Sandi – Are you tired of spending a small fortune just to watch a movie with your family? Deal Flicks has the answer. Whatever your movie pleasure, we have it right here. Become a Deal Flicks member and you can save up to 60% off on all your movie tickets. What do … By: Luxor Cabs – If you are fascinated by dance or are chiefly interested in learning more about the dance world and you are looking for film festivals in San Francisco, look no further than the San Francisco Dance Film Festival. San Francisco Dance Film Festival is going to take place … By: Kain Black – Watch Full Movies Online without downloading, Download movies for free – Watch movies online Putlocker, Megashare and Youtube Movie. By: Raj – What’s your idea of a quality weekend? Getting out of town isn’t always possible, visiting the water park every weekend will obviously take the fun out of it and eating out in a fancy restaurant is good for 2 hours at most, what do you do for the rest of the weekend? By: Shaji A Jhon – People basically want to enjoy the whole life with fun and happiness. There are diverse programs that provide better fun and keep you happier. Watching movie is always interesting and people enjoy the movie and feel the fun. By: rona93369 – Pavtube announces an amazing upgrade for its best sellers to version with the addition of the M3U8 encoders. 相关的主题文章: