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Business Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Center, which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week, is set to become the first medical facility in the country to make use of Google Glass in its everyday operations. The project is currently in its pilot phase and will be deployed hospital-wide within a month. Using Google Glass to Access the Hospitals Information System The Google Glass will be connected with an application called We Care. Developed by SAP India, it will host the hospital information system, which allows doctors to pull out an array of medical reports and information by simply tapping on the Glass. Furthermore, instead of scribbling notes on loose pieces of paper, medical practitioners will be able to use voice-activated systems, through which the Glass will take notes for them. Mukesh Jain, the Chief Information Officer of the hospital, said, "This remarkable app has the potential to bring patient care to new heights." He added, "SAP has blended perfectly with We Care solution, smooth clinical workflow and the smartphone hands-free format of smart glasses for the potential use of any physician anywhere." How will it Work? The Glass will first be put to use in emergency care, where trauma doctors will be able to gain immediate access to the past record of any patient who is brought in. It is expected that leveraging this technology will simplify collaborations with other departments when a patient arrives into the casualty ward. Data will be stored centrally and doctors will be able to pull out everything from blood work reports to x-rays and other radiology reports from the past to take informed medical decisions. Andy David, Healthcare Director at SAP APJ, said, "With the help of the Google Glass, doctors can attend to multiple patients, engage with them and see almost twice as many patients during the rounds. Doctors can take accurate notes on the Google Glass itself. The data is stored automatically and can be accessed when required." We Care is expected to soon become available to hospitals around the world. The application runs easily on smart phones and tablets, making it a lot more accessible and cost-efficient. The Acceptance of Google Glass in Healthcare Initially seen as an uncomfortable piece of wearable technology, the Google Glass is now seeing a variety of applications across industries. Within healthcare, Dr. Pavan Kumar, the Head of Cardiac Surgery at Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai, used this equipment to record an entire surgery. The hospital, too, is working on developing an application that will make use of Google Glass for the purpose of providing telemedicine services. Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Center is already creating buzz about its technologically advanced medical infrastructure and preventive approach to healthcare. The inclusion of Google Glass is expected to further enhance service delivery for its doctors and facilitate high-quality medical care for all. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: