Custom happiness set file 10.14 cited Qiao Renliang fans look forward to

"Happiness" custom set file 10.14 Qiao Renliang fans expect Tencent entertainment news by Qiao Renliang, Yao Tong, Liu Tianzuo, Sun Xiaoxiao, Mi Lu, Miao Chi, Yu Beibei, Huang Man and He Minghan led starred in urban fashion idol drama "happiness" custom recently exposed the first official poster, announced that the scheduled October 14th network premiere. Actor Qiao Renliang plays a cold, warm heart of the mysterious low-key unruly master in the car. He works in a department as the only male bear absolutely a film and television works, attracted a large number of recall Joe powder and expectation. Qiao Renliang published 37 times a posthumous absolute male a life of Qiao Renliang’s "the epitome of face of the male’s legacy, fixed gear posters today will undoubtedly make a reassuring look forward to the fans, with the exposure of the poster of Qiao Renliang’s love pink hue, overflow screen full of romantic atmosphere. "Custom" happiness can be said to be a "reduction" of Qiao Renliang’s life, many fans know him love racing, he in the play is a low-key Racer; he is a warm boy, the play has his warm, affectionate to everyone, he love night, play the prospect of home is in CBD top, overlooking the city of neon, is life is like drama, drama is like life. I believe the absolute leading position so that fans will also recall the light fully understand the role of the passions. Urban men and women can be used to find out whether a happy marriage can be calculated with a visible equivalent formula Wait and wait, choose and choose the perfect partner is true, and when will appear? The producers will also broadcast the date in Qiao Renliang’s birthday (October 15th) the day before (October 14th), believe that this is the best gift to the audience, but also hope that in the car behind the clothes, everyone can find the recipe for happiness!相关的主题文章: