Comments Apple payment or impact on China’s financial

Comments: Apple payment or impact on China’s financial security Qinan: Apple payment or impact on China’s financial security in February 18th, rumors of a long time of Apple payment (Apple Pay) officially landed in china. According to reports, in addition to industry, agriculture, China, China and other 19 mainstream banks announced support for Apple payment, the first batch of POS terminals supporting Apple Pay also surfaced, including the union cup, the bank as the representative of the national team, including other third party payment agencies. China is the largest consumer market of apple, with tens of millions of users, the arrival of Apple Pay will inevitably have a major impact on China’s mobile payment. Some important issues that cannot be avoided must be carefully considered on the strategic level of financial security, network security, economic security and national security. First, in January 15th last year, China Banking Regulatory Commission issued the "IOE" quantitative indicators issued by the banking sector. In April 16th of the same year, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, Ministry of industry and information technology jointly issued a statement saying: "to steadily and reasonably promote the information security of the banking industry, the regulation will continue to be revised and improved, and will be re issued and implemented in the future.". But then seems to end. Today, the IT industry in the United States "eight King Kong bukebufang Strategic Warning echoes in already open to Apple’s smart mobile phone mobile payment, Apple Pay apparently entered the national financial system information hub heavily. In this way, the financial industry autonomous controllable way? Second, Apple Pay landing whether the need for national network security review? In May 2014, the relevant departments of the state announced that the important information technology products and services used in the system of national security and public interest should be reviewed through network security. As we all know, with apple mobile phone security vulnerabilities, ulterior motives can completely illegal control, interference, interrupt the user system, especially illegal collection, storage, processing and use of user information. Network security review is a major system of cyberspace legalization, is an important guarantee to defend the network of the country, if not effectively implemented, the rule of law, cyberspace legalization of the road? Third, the country is currently strengthening financial supervision of the Internet, for the "Apple Pay" landing, whether the country has regulatory capacity? In the cyberspace where the unknowns are far greater than known, national regulation faces enormous challenges. 2015 Internet financial issues concentrated outbreak: more than 700 P2P platform run away, Pan Asian crisis, "e rent treasure" event staged turns. And "Apple Pay" involves the network sovereignty, especially the national network jurisdiction and a series of new regulatory issues. If we can not achieve effective supervision, where is the way for the modernization of the national cyberspace governance system and governance capacity? Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

评论:苹果支付或冲击我国金融安全   秦安:苹果支付或冲击我国金融安全   2月18日,传言了许久的苹果支付(Apple Pay)正式落地中国。据报道,除工、农、中、建等19家主流银行宣布支持苹果支付外,支持Apple Pay的首批POS终端也浮出水面,既包括了以银联、银行为代表的国家队,也包括其他第三方支付机构。中国是苹果最大的消费市场,拥有数以千万计的用户,Apple Pay的到来必然给中国的移动支付带来重大影响。一些不可回避的重大问题,必须上升到金融安全、网络安全乃至经济安全、国家安全的战略层面慎重思考。   其一,去年1月15日,银监会出台银行业去“IOE”定量指标出台。同年4月16日,中国银监会、工业和信息化部联合发表声明称:“为稳步合理地推进银行业的信息安全,该规定将继续修订和完善,将来会重新发布并实施。但此后似乎无疾而终。如今,美国IT业“八大金刚”不可不防的战略警示回音犹在,移动支付对苹果智能手机已然开放,Apple Pay显然进入国家金融体系的信息枢纽重地。这样走下去,金融业自主可控的路在何方?   其二,Apple Pay落地是否需要进行国家网络安全审查?2014年5月国家有关部门就宣布,关系国家安全和公共利益的系统使用的、重要信息技术产品和服务,应通过网络安全审查。众所周知,借助苹果手机安全漏洞,别有用心者完全可以非法控制、干扰、中断用户系统,尤其是可以非法收集、存储、处理和利用用户有关信息。网络安全审查是网络空间法制化的重大制度,是守住网络国门的重要保障,如果得不到切实落实,依法治国、网络空间法制化的路在何方?   其三,国家目前正在加强对互联网金融监管,对于“Apple Pay”的落地,国家是否已经具备监管能力?在未知远远大于已知的网络空间,国家监管面临巨大的挑战。2015年互联网金融问题集中爆发:700多家P2P平台跑路,泛亚危机、“e租宝”事件等轮番上演。而“Apple Pay”涉及到网络主权,尤其是国家网络管辖权等一系列监管新课题。如果不能实现有效监管,国家网络空间治理体系和治理能力现代化的路在何方? 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: