Chengdu Wukuaishi fire witnesses said burned more than two hours (Figure) (video)

Chengdu Wukuaishi fire witnesses said burned more than two hours (Figure) Huaxi Dushi Bao (client reporter Li Zhi) on September 23rd at 6:30 in the morning, Chengdu Wukuaishi a residential building fire, witnesses to the scene from the video and pictures, the flames spread throughout the building, from afar, a red house. As of 8:30 Xu, more than two hours after the fire, the fire is still burning. After the incident, Chengdu fire dispatched more troops, more than one fire truck immediately to rescue. Video display, fire use of high arm water cannon to fight. Witness Mr. Mai hurried to the second ring bus to go to work, the viaduct saw a few kilometers away from the fire point, smoke towering. "The Wukuaishi area filled with bursts of smoke, very pungent taste." Witness Mr. Yang lived near the burning residential building, when he saw a lot of people shouting from the house and ran out. When the fire broke out, many people probably didn’t get up and hoped everyone would be safe." At present, Wukuaishi area has been the implementation of traffic control, to remind the public of bypass. (Note: Mr. Mak) editor note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand reading Longquanyi Street gas leakage Street Teng "dragon fire""

成都五块石发生火灾 目击者称已烧两个多小时(图) 华西都市报讯(客户端记者 李智)9月23日上午6点半左右,成都五块石一居民楼发生大火,从目击者发来的现场视频和图片显示,熊熊大火蔓延了整个大楼,从远处看,屋内一片通红。截止8点30分许,起火两个多小时,大火还在燃烧。事发后,成都消防调遣多支队伍多辆消防车立即前往救援。视频显示,消防使用了高臂水枪进行扑救。目击者麦先生赶二环快速公交去上班,咋个高架桥看到几公里外的起火点浓烟冲天。“五块石片区弥漫着阵阵黑烟,味道很刺鼻。” 目击者杨先生居住在起火居民楼附近,事发时他看到有很多人从屋内一边大喊一边跑出来。“起火的时候,很多人可能没起床,希望大家平安。”目前,五块石片区已实行交通管制,提醒上班市民注意绕行。(报料人:麦先生)编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 龙泉驿一街道燃气泄漏 街面腾“火龙”相关的主题文章: