Button Contact For Surface Mounting An Ic Device To A Circuit Board-msvbvm60.dll

Business The present invention provide for button contact which can be produced in a miniaturized form for surface mounting a leadless IC device to a printed circuit board without the need for soldered connection. Each button contact includes a body having opposed contact faces. The body of the button contact, which can be suitably fabricated in approximately 5 mil. metal sheet material such as beryllium copper, lies in a plane and provides a conductive path of a substantial cross-section between its two contact faces. At least one contact point protrudes from at least one of the opposed contact faces of the body, and preferably two oppositely directed contact points will be provided, one for each of the body’s opposed contact faces. The present invention over.es the disadvantages of conventional sockets for leadless IC devices by providing a solderless electrical interconnection between a PC board and the IC device which is suitable for high frequency circuits, which will operate at extreme temperatures, and which withstands repeated insertions and extractions of the IC device from the IC socket. While the invention is particularly suited to use with sockets for test and burn-in procedures, it can be used in any application requiring the surface mounting of a leadless IC device to a PC board. The body of the button contact is .prised of a perimeter portion and deflectable contact support portions extending of the perimeter portion for carrying the contact points. Suitably the deflectable contact support portions of the body are in the form of resiliently deflectable contact support arms which extend inwardly of the perimeter portion, with the contact points being positioned at the distal end of the support arms. A contact button array that matches the I/O contacts of a surface mounted IC device is provided by securing a plurality of button contact in accordance with the invention to one side of a thin insulator backing material, preferably a polymide material such as Kapton tape, and etching out portions of the backing material at the point of securement of the plurality of button contacts to expose their face-down contact points. Another object of the invention is to provide a contact which has a low profile, and low capacitance and inductance characteristics. It is a further object of the invention to provide a contact which can withstand the thermal stress of burn-in and test applications. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: