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How To Make A Bean Soup? Posted By: Mark Wadsen This soup is an awesome combination of split pigeon peas, mung beans and lentil flavored with fennel seeds, tomatoes, fried garlic and onion. It is a very healthy dish and ideal for vegan, vegetarians and those who watch their fat intake. I like lentil and pigeon beans but I LOVE mung beans! They are very High in proteins, fiber and very Low in fat and calories. Fiber and proteins help to control hunger so you can easily lose weight. A recent study also reported that mung beans are very good in combating heart disease, controlling diabetes, preventing cancer and fighting with obesity. I should admit they are not so popular in the world like chickpeas or red kidney beans but these tiny beans have huge health benefits! They are even considered to be sort of medicine in Chine. Moreover, it is a traditional comforting food in India for thousands of years ( since 1,500 B.C) So as you can see Moong beans is one of the best sources of plant protein, dietary fiber and they are also rich in vitamins C, A and E, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous.

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gluten free desserts Bean Soup Cooking Tips Posted By: angelicaflorin Bean soup is an excellent source of protein, and is also a very healthy recipe that you might want to try. This is a delicious dish that you can serve to anyone, especially for vegetarians who need to increase their protein intake. When preparing bean soup, here are some cooking tips that you should keep in mind. Choose carefully the kind of beans that you are going to cook.As you already know, there are different kinds of beans that you can choose from when you want to make bean soup. Black beans are popular for Latin American, Cajule and Creole cuisine and are also excellent for soups. Asian recipes usually use the red beans. If you want, you can try the different red bean soup recipes of Koreans, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese. They all use red beans but there is a difference in the seasonings and the consistency of the soup. There are a lot more kinds of beans like shell beans, white beans, chickpeas and several others. There are also mixed beans that are sold in packs and you could also try them out if you are in the mood to be creative. Soak the beans before cooking.

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