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Travel-and-Leisure Bali features among the top 100 holiday destinations in the world. Its immense scenic beauty and wildlife attracts tourists from far and wide to spend a memorable experience in this island. Bali is a land of culture and tradition and its beautiful villas and spas located in the heart of nature provide you with all the amenities and facilities for a luxurious stay. The foliage and tropical climate of Bali attracted the Dutch decades ago, who built their colonies and villas over the place. This is also the reason why you can find a blend of the western and eastern culture in Bali. Though the Dutch took over the place at that time, they never disturbed the value or culture of the place, and hence the age old tradition and culture of Bali remains intact even today. The beautiful villas built by the Dutch are now open for the tourists who can .e and rent them for their stay. The name of villas immediately brings the question of expense in our minds, but for your information, there are a number of cheap and affordable villas also available in Bali, if you are on a budget vacation. The Bali villas are built in all western style and architecture, tapping the beauty of nature. Owing to the hot and humid tropical climate of Bali, the villas are usually built very spacious and high roofed with a lot of ventilation to let in the soft breeze that blows through the place the entire day. The walls are specially made of wood from the local forests to keep the rooms even cooler. Modern villas are built with total air-conditioned facilities in all the rooms, with greenery and foliage placed in all the rooms, where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. The villas have excellent scenic views for you to experience any time of the day. Relaxing in a Bali Villa could be an excellent way to spend your winter vacation. So you can opt for Bali Villa rental now! Apart from the above facilities these are even more that these villas offer you. You get a private kitchen of your own, with a personal chef who will cook you any meal you want, at any time of the day. You can get the platter served at any place you want, from the living room or dining room or even by the swimming pool. The villas also provide you with a private entrance and a swimming pool for you to enjoy any time of the day with your family. Not only this, you can also take exotic massages and treatments from the spas available in the villas. So you can totally relax and recharge yourself while you are on your vacations. There are numerous villas present at different locations of Bali. You can decide the location according to your lifestyle and preference. If you want a view of the Jimbaran Bay from your villa, then you should try the Villa Baja located in the Bukit area south of Bali. If you want to explore the traditional and cultural spots of Bali, then you must select a villa in Ubud. So you must carry on some research on the different types of villas that are available in Bali and opt for your choice accordingly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: