Badger, you wear a camel painting makeup, I think Beckham to the Sohu spyair

Badger, you wear a camel painting makeup, I think Beckham to the Sohu camel is the casual wear will show high sense, with a good taste of camel products is not difficult, but with a good face makeup is very exquisite. Today, COSMO will bring you the most fashionable star Look! Don’t wear that old camel camel this color suits the age span from 18-88 can be worn, so how old do not wear the key by collocation. To master the key with arbitrary switching color and the skirt pants. Camel and the earth color makeup with camel outfit and the color of the makeup is the most harmonious, in our choice of brown eye makeup can refer to the stars of the makeup look! We should pay special attention to the eye position, and arbitrary switching from nude lips to lips. Why are we so obsessed with the color makeup makeup is the most absorbing eye eye, MM Asia Europe features no three-dimensional, earth color eye makeup can create a deep profile effect, and is not vulgar. The color of the makeup or dress of the classic CP. Neither rob the limelight, but also enhance the overall style of taste. The color of the eyes of the 1 painting first to use light color in the render range includes the whole eyelid, eyelid to the eye socket base. 2 then in the dark halo dyeing, about the width of the double eyelid, open eyes do not very obvious. 3 then the high light light brow, eyes feel more profound. Whether you are a beauty or a fine makeup makeup palette rookie, earth color is your best choice of dress! STEP1: first of all, we have to prepare a box of earth color system of eye shadow, it is best to change the color of the gradient, because the color is too inconsistent with the. Through the depth of eye shadow to create the outline of the eye, we should pay attention not to use a color, otherwise the eyes look very dull. STEP2: Asian girls eyes wide narrow width, slightly swollen. No makeup eyes don’t look deep enough. We can use a large eye shadow brush, take a deep brown eye shadow light sweep the entire upper eyelid, the eyes of the end of the deepening of the place, so that double fold more obvious. STEP3: after the end of orbital shadow outline, eye head with light white light. Choose a light colored eye shadow in the eye and head position, eye shadow evenly coated, a small number of times, so that the eyes are more levels. STEP4: brow brighten is also very important! Can make the eye contour more clear and deep. Notice that the edge of the halo is higher than that of the eyeball. STEP5: want to have God eyes no eyeliner can, but can not do without mascara. Choose a suitable for their own eyelash curler, so that the volume will be more persistent alice. Eyelashes are very important, must not be ignored. In the painting when the eyelashes, can use small brush mascara, eyelash brush can be sparse and short arrhizus clearly. Recommendation Lancome Lancome Hypnose five color palette price: &y!相关的主题文章: