Astrology An amulet is a small object carried or worn and mostly offered to god/goddess and deflects negative thoughts. The small object worn around neck as a charm as an evil protector. An amulet is believed to be magically awarded as a power. An amulet impression symbol promotes well-being, and a gesture for good luck ( known most commonly among the other communities). Wearing a religious jewelry does not include an amulet. In the past, Egyptians amulets were made used as necklaces, rings , and bracelets. The amulets were mostly placed among the mummy’s bandages to guarantee a safe, healthy, and productive afterlife.The term "Amulet " is Latin, amuletum. An amulet could be of a gem, a gemstone, coins, pendants, rings, statues and an animal figurine. Some people have a belief of an amulet being a kind of consolation but a Talisman gives a power of protection – it is sacred, and bless. In the Predynastic Period, animal jewelry amulet functioned and the animal material represents the shapes of animals. An amulet also depends on the luck and a religious devotion. Various protections and spells are used in different culture. Such as an Evil eye, Horus – an Egyptian sky god known as Ra, image pictured as a falcon, Arrowhead Carry – used for a protection against enemies or for bad luck, Scarab – beetle in different materials, Pentagram – a symbol of protection, horseshoe or Eye of Horus – made of gold, copper, silver, or wood. Animal shaped such as Dolphin jewelry was carried as a charm protector for accidents when traveling by water. A dragon is well known among the Chinese people for love and happiness. A Cat jewelry represents luck. The Eye of Horus is defined as a protector in life and afterlife , this is much preferred by the Talisman. The other symbols could also be The Ankh – endures life and soul. They used for as a symbol of love and reincarnation. In South East Asia, Thailand is seen with many people wearing an amulet. The Thai’s believe an amulet as a good luck charm. They wear the charm around the neck as a symbol of protection and diseases. Their most famed lucky charm is an image of a Buddha, cord of a chain around their neck. The amulet was introduced to keep the "bad spirits" away . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: