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American University Professor: Chinese students "don’t speak" a few days ago, I met Xiao Yang on the way to the office, she is one of the 100 Chinese from the Graduate School of education this year, brother just admitted students. She gave me a different feeling a few months ago, and this time she looked nervous, even a little pain in her face. I asked her how she had been studying and living for more than three months. She said: "well, how to say it, I really like statistics, programming, education, economics, and so on, because the class teacher said a lot, I also feel very fit. However, the class discussions, oral presentations, and group discussions are driving me crazy. I can’t sleep on Tuesday night, and I can’t eat any more because I have two classes on Wednesday." I went on to ask why she was so upset by the discussion. She said, "well, my American classmates are very good at expressing their ideas and listen to them all the time. And I, simply can not plug the mouth, busy busy listening to what they say, I finally came up with some answers, the bell rang. Well, I feel so stupid that I don’t even know what to say." She continued, "Professor Lin, I’m worried. What do you say I should do? In fact, not only me, I have a lot of Chinese students have a similar "to discuss curriculum phobia", you help us." Why do American classes like discussion?   an increasing number of Chinese students studying in China [micro-blog] have come to realize that the classroom is full of discussion, debate and free questioning. The professors encourage students to freely ask questions, analyze, think critically, and absorb the views of their predecessors in advance. This kind of education idea behind the rich at least can be summarized in two points: first, students not only learn from teachers, but also should be more exchanges with the students and learn from each other, the professor is not the only way for students to learn the knowledge of.   two, students and teachers have the same right to ask questions and questions. However, many students from China are not accustomed to such ideas and practices. In their view, learning to get the right answer or standard answer, and classroom discussions and ask each other has not given a direct answer they want, how can this do? There was a Chinese student who complained to me a few weeks later. She said, "Miss Lin, I didn’t learn anything from your class." When I asked her why, she said, "you never tell us any answers, but we always use them to talk about it. As you can see, the students on reading comprehension you specified is not the same, everyone’s views seem to have the sense of place, discussion, I do not know who to listen to, but do not know what is the right answer. Do you think this discussion makes sense? Isn’t it a waste of time? My parents spent so much money to let me study, let me learn knowledge from the top professors, not to listen to a group of students to talk about their personal相关的主题文章: