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Self-Improvement Within all of us is the power to change our level of consciousness. For those that are in the scientific field, consciousness can be measured in brain wave activity. These brain waves can be classified in four different categories, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and delta. In fact, these scientific findings have only confirmed what Eastern religions have known for thousands of years that with meditation .es altered states of consciousness. For thousands of years religion has connected people with a higher consciousness through spirituality. But what causes these different levels of consciousness, and how can the brain be trained to reach for them? The aforementioned brain wave categories correspond to different conscious and so-called sub-conscious levels of activity in the mind. Beta waves are emitted when a person is awake, anxious, or when they feel fear. Alpha reflects a period of relaxation in the mind while being .pletely aware of what is going on in the environment. Theta waves can be described as the most powerful of all brain waves, and they correspond to reduced consciousness that allows an individual to tap into the divine power. Delta waves are emitted when one is unconscious or in a deep sleep. It is important to understand brain waves in order to alter the state of consciousness in the mind successfully. Obviously, the frequency a person should strive to attain is the Theta brain wave state if they wish to alter their state of consciousness. There are three scientifically recognized states of consciousness, waking, sleeping, and dreaming. When one meditates they take themselves into a state that is somewhere in between dreaming and sleeping, but they are also capable of reaching their subconscious. Spirituality has been recognized as causing altered states of consciousness for those who are devote to their belief system. Many believe they have experienced a personal interaction with a divine being while praying, while others feel as though they have been visited by angels during a time of need. Of course, the closest connection between higher consciousness and spirituality lies in the Eastern religions of the world. Because of their emphasis on meditation and self study, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Shintoism all bring a person into a state of higher consciousness. The reflection on what is in the mind and why it does what it does and the desires it has, brings an individual into theta states that change the person’s perception of the world. Regardless of how it is reached, a higher conscious level can have amazing affects on the body, mind, and soul. We must remember that we are both spiritual and physical creatures and when we neglect our mind we lower our level of consciousness. But through meditation and spirituality we can achieve the highest level of consciousness we desire. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: