After soaring for a week, the price of gold continues to rise this week, and the new bull market

A week after soaring gold prices this week continue to call the new bull market seems to have quietly opened FX168 news last week the gold market soared sharply after the market this week is expected to more than the price of gold fell, but because the market sentiment improved significantly, the short-term price of gold is expected to continue to perform well. Last week, the price of gold rose sharply, reaching a one-year high of $1260 an ounce, gaining nearly 6% of the gains this week. Analysts believe that, although the gold market may be revised earlier this week, a large number of investors will seize the opportunity to come into the market once they fall. Incrementum AG fund manager Ronald-Peter Stoeferle said: "no one foresaw that gold would have such a rise, many funds have missed.". They want to come in now, so they’ll buy on dips." Stoeferle said: "the gold is overvalued, but the bull market began to appear such circumstance is normal. The market turns, and the performance of gold confirms the beginning of a new bull market." In addition, the price of gold to break through the resistance level, touch more than a year to do the point of $1263.9 ounce is also a signal to see more gold. Bill Baruch, iiTrader’s senior commodity broker, said that the price of gold was above 1230 last week, indicating that the gold market maintained most of the kinetic energy, and he thought that even if the price of gold fell to 1180, it would still be on the move. Baruch believes that because most investors will buy on dips, the price of gold will be able to maintain the level of $1200 ounce. State Street Global Advisors gold investment director George Milling Stanley believes that gold will be able to rise, the rally last Thursday will not be one-off. Stanley said: "I don’t think the price of gold is too high, and the factors that promote the price of gold are all in it, so it is reasonable to hold gold."." Bart Melek, director of commodities strategy at TD Securities, thinks Janet Yellen’s testimony last week is a big change for the gold market and for the entire financial market, too. Yellen. Melek pointed out that at the beginning of the market only included this year may not have the effect of interest rate hike, but Yellen’s speech now makes negative interest rates also become possible. Melek said: "it’s a big change to think about negative interest rates, and if the Fed continues to remain uncertain about interest rates, and the economic data continues to behave badly, then the market will have more expectations on the Fed’s negative interest rates." Of course, some analysts believe that the gold market is not only overbought, the market for U.S. economic recession is expected to have overdone. Nick World Markets, a senior economist at CIBC Exarhos, believes that January’s better than expected retail sales data in the United States show that American consumers will become a major factor in economic growth. theory

暴涨一周后本周金价继续看涨 新牛市似已悄然开启   FX168讯 在上周黄金市场的大幅暴涨后,本周市场对金价回落多有预期,但由于市场情绪的大幅改善,短期内金价预计将继续良好表现。   上周金价大幅走高,一度触及1260美元 盎司的一年高点,整周收获了近6%的涨幅。   分析师们认为,尽管本周初黄金市场可能会出现修正,但一旦回落,大量投资者会抓住机会进场。   Incrementum AG基金经理Ronald-Peter Stoeferle表示:“没人预见到黄金会有这样的上涨,很多基金都错过了。他们现在非常想进场,因此会逢低买入。”   Stoeferle称:“黄金被超买了,但牛市开端出现这样的情况是很正常的。市场出现了转向,金价的表现确认了新牛市的开始。”   此外,金价上行突破阻力水平触及一年多搞点的1263.9美元 盎司也是看多黄金的信号。   iiTrader高级商品经纪人Bill Baruch表示,上周金价收高于1230水平就表明了黄金市场维持住了大部分的动能,并且他认为,即使金价跌至1180的水平也依然在上行动能中。   Baruch认为,由于大部分投资者会逢低买入,因此金价将能够维持住1200美元 盎司的水平。   State Street Global Advisors黄金投资主管George Milling Stanley认为,黄金将能够走高,上周四的大涨将不会是一次性的。   Stanley说:“我不认为金价估值过高,推动金价走高的因素还都在,因此持有黄金依然是合理的。”   道明证券(TD Securities)商品策略主管Bart Melek认为,美联储主席耶伦(Janet Yellen)上周的证词对黄金市场甚至整个金融市场而言都是很大的变化。   Melek指出,一开始市场只计入了今年可能不会有加息的影响,但耶伦现在的讲话使得负利率也变得有可能。   Melek说:“光是说考虑负利率就已经是很大的转变,如果美联储对加息继续态度不明,经济数据继续表现糟糕,那么市场会对美联储进行负利率有更多预期。”   当然,也有一些分析师认为黄金市场不仅超买,市场对美国经济衰退的预期也有些过头。   CIBC World Markets的高级经济学家Nick Exarhos认为,1月美国好于预期的零售销售数据表明了美国的消费者们将成为推动经济增长的一大因素。   Exarhos说:“美国不会进入衰退,因为消费者们还在花钱,并且美国月有几十万个就业岗位被增加。近期的衰退担忧是没有理由的。”   Exarhos认为,尽管美联储不太可能在3月加息,但今年仍然可能至少加息两次。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: