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.puters-and-Technology .puter support includes both proactive and passive measures to troubleshoot errors disabling a .puter or any of its software or hardware to work properly. There are retail shops that provide personalized technical support services to home .puter users. Also, the repair technician can be called at premises for .puter diagnosis, estimate, .plete upgrades and repairs. In most cases, they .plete all work in a single visit. As far as the prices of these services are concerned, the billing process varies from shop to shop. The scope of retail shops offering .puter support seems to go dimmer with the emergence of online .puter support . Onsite .puter help services have further facilitated with a high proliferation of .puter repair vendors. The latter maintain their services with the help of their websites where the visitors can not only buy .puter support services but also gather enough knowledge to gain confidence to repair your own .puter. Online .puter support vendors deal with everything related to .puters and their issues. Examples of some general .puter services available on the Web are .puter virus removal , PC installation and set up, antivirus installation, troubleshooting software errors, fixing basic problems erupting in .puter hardware, .puter optimization, .puter maintenance, networking, solutions for Internet related issues and more. The best part of such a kind of technical support is that they are performed by qualified and expert .puter engineer. Technicians achieve an online .puter diagnostic via remote desktop connection which allows them a temporary access over .puter mouse and keyboard of the customer in another part of the country or the world. In this, you give technician the permission to search through your .puter via their own .puter, for the purpose of identifying and diagnosing whatever is ailing your .puter. However, this option is not possible unless you are able to get online, so if the issue is one of connectivity, you may request the technician to help you over the phone. This is another advantage of online .puter support that it can be given on both the inter. as well as over the phone. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: