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Computers-and-Technology You know you need protection from spyware. But what brand of protection should you use? There are lots of extremely helpful anti-spyware programs out there. Take a look at a few of them: 1. Windows Defender Windows defender is an anti-spyware program you can get for free. It secures your computer against slow performance, annoying pop-ups, and other threats brought about by spyware. With its "Real Time Protection," Windows Defender can monitor and suggest actions that eliminate spyware. It even has a new interface that cuts down the interruption and makes user time more productive. Recently launched Windows Defender was created to make internet surfing safer. It can automatically pinpoint and remove the threats. The Beta 2 version of Windows Defender is expected to enhance the performance of the PC by scanning the PC’s engine. It has an interface that can be modified for fit by anyone. Not knowing how to use the program will never be a problem because of its language support system and other universal features. The Windows Defender is an great innovation: spyware gets detected, pop-ups get killed and your system is sped up. 2. SpywareGuard v2.2 Formerly known as Browser Hijack Blaster, SpywareGuard v2.2 monitors Internet Explorer’s components, so that hijacks and spyware are prevented. Thus, when an invader tries to modify Internet Explorer’s homepage, SpywareGuard takes care of it. It also keeps a vast database of spyware in order to immediately boot out a threat. 3. CWShredder v2.1 Say that someone already has SpyBot: Search and Destroy, and Ad-Aware those two programs alone are not enough to stop some parasites, like the virus-laden CoolWebSearch. But thanks to a student in Netherlands named Merjin, CWShredder was born. This program gets rid of CoolWebSearch and its derivatives. Intermute brought CWShredder to the market. 4. Yahoo! Toolbar with Anti-Spy If it’s from Yahoo! it must be effective. This program fits just right into the Yahoo! browser. Each search filters out spyware and other threats. 5. Ad-Aware Personal You need to be protected from aggressive spyware, hijackers and other negative programs. Ad-Aware Personal takes out malicious content in a short period of time. It keeps your computer secure by taking out keyloggers and other bad programs. 6. Silencer v1.1 An online freebie is Silencer v1.1, and it works like magic. Silencer makes peeking and privacy-invasion nearly impossible. Incorporating Aureate/Radiate, Web3000, Cydoor, and Conducent/TimeSink, Silencer detects spyware instantly and automatically. 7. Webroot Spy Sweeper 4.5 This is effective, fun, and best of all, free! Webroot Spy Sweeper is the top anti-spyware program, taking out even the worst spyware available. It has been highly-recommended — users never fail to leave impressive reviews online. It’s also got a huge footprint database, plus some awesome options that keep the system secure and safe. Only a trial version is available for free, but after trying it, a user will undoubtedly go out of his way to buy it. The internet has become a gold mine of freebies. Mail, webspace, newsletters, and even anti-spyware programs! Take advantage of these free programs! Download your free anti-spyware now! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: