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Kim Hong Fu: gold and rose gold market analysis on long days back: gold yesterday to break up, stand 1130 line upside after, with the help of COMEX most active February 2016 gold at 23:00-23:01 Beijing time two minutes turnover of 8472 hand, pay a lot to make gold break through $1135 ounce, the highest reach 1145 line. The United States announced the evening of January ADP employment to 205 thousand people, more than the expected value of 195 thousand, less than the previous value of 267 thousand (revised). The theory of ADP data is better than expected, the indirect bullish bearish gold, but the market does not buy it, is only slightly below the support stepped back after the beginning of the red, the final daily closing grand line. Today the Asian plate after opening homeopathic drop in no rebound before would not recommend chasing empty, support attention below. The 1137 line is yesterday after the break back on the level of support, 1135 is the rising trend line support channel. 1133 is 1 hours MA30 support and support of top and bottom of the exchange yesterday, below the support of many days, as long as not strong below the support, can be at most a rebound. 4 hours, the rise of gold to break up the channel, accelerate the rise, more don’t wait for fall too deep to do otherwise, once again pulled up difficult. The operation strategy of aggressive investors today: 1143 near empty, stop 1148, target 1135. days waiting for prudent investors first hit 1150 line short, stop 5 dollars, target unchanged. Fall 1135, stop 1130, target 1150, 1156. Kim Hong Fu 2016-2-4 into [shares] discuss Sina Finance

鸿富金泰:黄金还有一涨,日内回踩做多   黄金行情分析:   昨日黄金向上突破,站稳1130一线后继续上攻,借助COMEX最活跃2016年2月期金在北京时间23:00-23:01两分钟内成交8472手,大量买单令黄金突破至1135美元 盎司上方,最高触及1145一线。晚间公布的美国1月ADP就业人数20.5万人,大于预期值19.5万,小于前值26.7万(修正后)。理论上ADP数据好于预期,利多美指间接利空黄金,但是市场并不买账,仅仅是小幅回落回踩下方支撑后便开始上冲,最终日线报收大阳线。   今日亚盘开盘后顺势回落,在没有反弹之前不建议直接追空,关注下方的支撑情况。1137一线是昨日突破后回踩的水平支撑,1135是上升通道趋势线支撑。1133是1小时MA30的支撑及昨日顶底互换的支撑,下方支撑众多,只要日内不强势跌破上述支撑,便可以大胆做多看反弹。4小时来看,黄金向上突破上升通道,有加速上升的趋势,做多不要等待回落过深再做,否则再次拉升起来难度较大。   今日操作策略:   激进的投资者1143附近空,止损1148,目标1135.   稳健的投资者等待日内初次触及1150一线做空,止损5美金,目标不变。   回落1135做多,止损1130,目标1150、1156。   鸿富金泰   2016-2-4 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: