Sun Xiang is expected to return to Australia on Saturday-cad2012序列号和密钥

On Saturday, Australian soldiers sent to Hong Kong. God also need to run in Sun Xiang is expected to return Aishen and Ji’an need to run in qualifying crossed this threshold, the real test of the Hong Kong team AFC Champions League will next Wednesday comes, they will be in the group phase in the first round, away to Australia over the three crown Melbourne victory. Saturday morning, the Hong Kong team will direct flight to Melbourne. Before the game, yesterday afternoon, the team in the training base for a warm-up game between the main and substitute. The results, with Ji’an and Conca goal, one of the main 2:0 victory. Ji’an to find shooting boots, the Champions League qualifying tournament on the Thailand Meng Tong, the most regret of the fans in Hong Kong is Garner star Ji’an repeatedly missed the opportunity to break the door. In fact, even Ji’an himself is very upset, when he was replaced, he mercilessly patted the bench seats, after the game also expressed disappointment. Fortunately, yesterday’s warm-up match, Ji’an scores feel back. In fortieth minutes, Ji’an, playing as the starting center, opened the record for the main team. He had been Cai Huikang’s Cross, in the forbidden area left continuous buckle two defenders, precisely Tui far corner to break. After scoring, Ji’an himself is very excited and happy, it seems that his recent state is really good. The second half, Conca hit the bar along the bomb over the goal line, again played out. We all think that the ball has entered, but funny or catch up with Ji’an, and negotiations and the referee, is his goal, all amused by the presence of the. In fact, coach Erickson also attaches great importance to the team front attack group coordination problem. The warm-up match half the team performance, at halftime, Ericsson will Giancarlo El Eriksson and Conca together to confidential briefings. In addition, he also specifically went to Ji’an first, two people on the game content exchange for several minutes. Obviously, such communication is necessary, the second half of Ji’an sent a few feet first pass, especially with a single ball opportunity is very exciting, but was the last defender struggling to resolve. As for El Eriksson, on the left wing position than before to many, but his position is relatively active, will appear in the front or middle road. Of course, with the new teammates to cooperate with the extent of the need to continue to run in. Sun Xiang will join the team in the warm-up match, Erickson discharged the same starting line-up as the AFC Champions League qualifier. The absence of AFC Champions League qualifying captain Sun Xiang while in the training field, but only in the side laps, apparently has not fully recovered. However, Erickson also said that Sun Xiang will go to Melbourne with the team, but it is uncertain whether they can play or not. Erickson was pleased with the current state of the team. "I wanted to arrange this game very important, especially when the internationals were back together. This is a very good pre match preparation and will be a great help to the AFC Champions League game next Wednesday. The significance of this game is that the main players are almost full 90 minutes, reaching the effect of preparation. Erickson also made special mention of Ji’an and aierkesen, of course, for El Eriksson and Ji’an, and they all"

上港周六兵发澳洲 埃神还需磨合孙祥有望复出 埃神与吉安还需磨合   迈过资格赛这道坎,上港队亚冠的真正考验将在下周三到来,他们将在小组赛首轮比赛中,客场挑战澳超“三冠王”墨尔本胜利。   周六凌晨,上港队就将直飞墨尔本。在出征前,昨天下午球队在训练基地进行了一场主力和替补间的热身比赛。结果,凭借吉安和孔卡的进球,主力一方2:0取得了胜利。   吉安找到射门靴   亚冠资格赛上面对泰国蒙通联,上港球迷最遗憾的就是加纳球星吉安屡屡错过破门良机。其实连吉安自己也很懊恼,被换下场的时候他狠狠地拍了拍替补席的座椅,赛后也表示对自己失望。   好在,昨天的热身赛,吉安的进球感觉回来了。比赛第40分钟,作为首发中锋出场的吉安为主力一方首开纪录。当时他得到蔡慧康的妙传,在禁区左路连续扣过两名防守球员后,精准地推射远角破门。进球后的吉安自己也十分兴奋和高兴,看来他最近的状态真的不错。   下半场,孔卡的射门击中横梁下沿弹过了门线,又重新弹了出来。虽然大家都认为皮球已经进了,但是搞怪的吉安还是赶上去补了一脚,并和主裁判交涉,进球算他的,逗乐在场的所有人。   其实主教练埃里克森也十分重视球队前场攻击群的配合问题。热身赛上半场球队表现不佳,中场休息时埃里克森将吉安、埃尔克森和孔卡召集到一起,面授机宜。另外,孔卡自己还专门去找了吉安,两人关于比赛场上的内容交流了好几分钟。   显然这样的沟通是十分有必要的,下半场孔卡为吉安送出了几脚妙传,尤其是一次单刀球机会的配合十分精彩,只是最后被防守方奋力化解了。   至于埃尔克森,在左边锋位置上也比之前适应了许多,而且他的位置相对活跃,还会出现在锋线或者是中路。当然和新队友的配合默契程度还需要继续磨合。   孙祥将随队出征   本场热身赛,埃里克森排出了和亚冠资格赛时一样的首发阵容。缺席亚冠资格赛的队长孙祥虽然出现在训练场,但只是在边上跑圈,显然还没有完全康复。不过埃里克森也透露,孙祥会跟随全队一起去墨尔本,但能否出场还不能确定。   对于球队目前的状态,埃里克森表示满意,“我想安排这场比赛是十分重要的,尤其是等国脚们都归队之后,大家一起配合。这是非常好的赛前准备,将会对下周三的客场亚冠比赛有很大的帮助。这场比赛的意义在于主力们几乎都打满了90分钟,达到了备战的效果。埃里克森还特别提到了吉安和埃尔克森的状态,“当然,对于埃尔克森和吉安来说,他们和全队的配合更加默契。   而此前在亚冠资格赛上梅开二度的武磊,昨天热身赛虽然没进球,状态还是不错。对于接下来的亚冠首轮客场比赛,武磊表示,球队和自己都已经为接下来的客场挑战墨尔本胜利做好了充分的准备,“教练和我们说,从技战术打法上来说,我们并不害怕这样的对手。我想我们有信心在澳洲取得好的结果。”相关的主题文章: