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The new BMW X3 test – is expected to be released in early 2017 Phoenix Automotive News at present, the second generation BMW X3 has been around for nearly six years, which means that BMW should be committed to the development of the alternative current model of new car, the fact is true. Recently, overseas media car to take a group of 2018 new BMW X3 road test spy photos, let’s see soon. As the models used close to the production version of the models, lighting layout is forming, which indicates that a compact crossover has been very close to the release of BMW. From the spy photos, although the new car uses a disguise to handle heavier, but we still find new changes. Compared with the current model, the internal code named "G01" in the car after the door of the layout size longer, which can be further extended to model size, provide the leg space put more for rear seat passengers to ride more comfortable. Although the car size increased, but the new X3 may be lighter than the current model, use thanks to the CLAR platform. It is said that this weight loss rate may be up to 220 pounds (about 100 kg), although this estimate may be a bit too optimistic, but the weight loss is still very obvious, this will also bring additional benefits of fuel economy and emissions, while the car’s performance and maneuverability of the will get a boost. In terms of power allocation, turbocharged four cylinder engine and turbocharger combination of the configuration of the six cylinder engine will continue. In order to increase the richness of models, BMW will also join in this series of not less than the performance of model three: introduction to sport M40i, advanced M40d and top performance models X3 M. The M40i models to spy shown may be close, brake calipers will also be adopted exhaust pipe is arranged more spacious and blue, while the M40d difference in appearance will not be too big, but will use diesel engine driven. For the X3 M models, even though the current X3 does not really refer to the "M" series of standard design models, but BMW hopes to include in the planning of this model in the next generation, it is reported that the car will be in the second half cycle of the series was released, the output power up to 500 horsepower (about 373 thousand watts). The new car will enter mass production in August 2017 or so, and the sale of North America will start later. Spartanburg factory in the United States will participate in the production of this model, while the South African Roslin plant will be a total investment of $420 million to meet the needs of the production of X3 models. Spy photos and news clues for e-mail: diezhao#ifeng (#=@), welcome to contact us, once adopted, will be rewarded.相关的主题文章: