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The application of intelligent voice industry the opportunity to see this in a swastika solution – a course in science and technology Sohu intellectual things this is a wise things class twenty-fourth course records, divided into two parts by + Q. The speaker is Wang Yanfeng, senior director of desktop division Sogou, desktop research and speech interaction technology center responsible person. Read the words in text, you can master to: – definition of intelligent voice and market? – intelligent voice in the car, the living room, as well as wearable three scenarios will be large-scale applications, but how to do it? What are the three factors that are responsible for the outbreak of intelligent voice industry applications? – why voice interaction is not popular on the smart phone? Why chat robots are constantly being abandoned? How to look at Amazon echo, Google home entry point and prospects? -Mor, triangle and other natural semantic processing engine engine of the future geometry? Based on voice recognition of intelligent customer service products in the market? 35 years after the voice recognition market will form what pattern? Sogou success stories in the application of intelligent voice industry. The link record Hello, I entered the Internet industry for 08 years, before the input method is responsible for R & D in Sogou, and support multiple mobile phone assistant, Sogou number through the browser user products, so I am an out and out of the Internet practitioners, this day will stand in the angle of Internet Co to talk about my views. From the beginning of 2012, Sogou began to do their own speech recognition engine. Intelligent voice over the past two years has become a hot industry, attracting the attention of domestic and foreign companies and investors. At the same time, in this regard to attract new products emerge in an endless stream, the giants are also constantly layout. So today I do not talk about specific technologies or products, but to stand in the industry as well as the point of view of the market to do some of the system to share. In order to have some specific things, I asked Chi colleagues collected some common concerns, do some specific interpretation to solve these problems, my personal views brought in the company including sogou. I hope you can from my a few words and sentences, we see behind the thinking and logic, and even view of technology products and values, to bring you a little bit of inspiration. The so-called intelligent voice is actually added to the voice of the brain, to understand the user through the voice to express intentions and needs, and the corresponding content can be returned to the user. So it is not only the scope of the voice itself, but a combination of natural speech understanding, search and other technologies, and finally expressed in the form of voice. A typical example is the Siri voice assistant. In this emphasis is a natural way of interaction, the more natural the more intelligent. Before Siri there will be a number of voice interaction research and products, but are based on a simple menu command, which can not be regarded as intelligent voice. The size of the voice market, citing data from the Ministry of industry and the voice industry alliance. I have not done too many details of the research, posted.相关的主题文章: