Diffuse and CF developers to do a new hero alliance carmex润唇膏

Diffuse and CF developers to do a new "hero alliance" Smile Gate, on behalf of the game developers in South Korea as "Cross Fire", but their latest work is no longer pick up various gun sudden chug, but super hero Wars: their new "Marvel" doomsday Arena (Marvel End Time Arena), will open test in South Korea in September 8th. Can the website game player can apply for beta qualifications. "Diffuse doomsday arena" is a MOBA, that is, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena multiplayer online games. Simply put, this is a new League of heroes or Dota2. As well as the two, the "end of the world arena" also uses 5V5 game mode, players will operate a variety of heroes, fighting. From April this year in Philippines, the beta game, game player can operate the hero including the black widow, Captain America, iron man, Hulk, Thor, spider man and other roles. In the demo video, each hero has 5 skills, both sides can even choose the same super hero. In addition to destroying the enemy’s tower, there are similar elements such as the tower. Whether it is from the face of the screen style, interactive interface or action figures, this is a science fiction wind, "the League of heroes". However, those cloaked with shield soldier, replaced by heavily armed robots. The game scene is also a variety of mechanical devices, scrapped cars and energy barriers. As a variety of other MOBA games the heroes will have their own life, the Marvel comic series "Black Panther: the most dangerous man" (Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive) author David Liss, will be in the game each hero writing the background story. This is a game that will attract a lot of players, with the super hero and the most popular game. However, Infinitie’s old rival DC has also done such a thing: in March 2015, Warner Bros. interactive entertainment has launched a MOBA (Infinite Crisis) of the game. This game has experienced 2 years after the test on-line, game player can operate DC in the classic comic superheroes and villains in the game: such as Batman, flash and clown. But just a few months later, the official announced that the game in August 14th outage. Outage is mainly due to the small number of players. The game’s art director, Floon, said: "unfortunately, when we are developing the game, around the MOBA game market has matured, we can not find enough players." Now, all the subsequent MOBA games are facing this problem: the "Blizzard storm hero" and even the "Warcraft", "StarCraft" and "Diablo" series of three characters, at present also elusive "hero alliance") and相关的主题文章: